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Apr 1, 2014 09:37 AM

Decent food in Lincoln nh?

We are driving up from Kennebunkport - last chance for snowshoeing and relaxing in front of a fireplace with the dog. We need recs for all meals pls as have never been in the area. Thanks!

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    1. Black Mtn. Burger if you want something quick and casual. Gypsy Cafe is a great recommendation.

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      1. re: solargarlic

        Loved Black Mountain! Great beer selection. Burger east great and so was the classic iceberg wedge salad. The owner told us they are moving to a much larger space in the same strip mall - so look for that in the coming months.

        We also enjoyed a very chill light meal of wings and beer at the brewery in the Woodstock Inn. Many many orders of Chicken Parm went by but that's not our thing. Giant fireplace a plus!

        Dinner at the Common Man was common but 1/2 price on bottle of wine made it just fine - again a giant fireplace for after dinner drinks a big plus.

        Lovely areas to hike off the Kancamangus Hwy make this a wonderful discovery for us!

        1. re: fourstar

          Forgot to mention Pegs in Woodstock for breakfast - cheap deal for very decent food.