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Apr 1, 2014 09:05 AM

Quiet Saturday Supper near Grand Central

We will be meeting a friend coming in from the burbs for an early dinner on Saturday evening near GCT. Looking for a suggestion of a civilized location for this meal - very good food, and a place where we will be able to sit and sip our wine and talk for at least a couple of hours without feeling pushed.

This is not my turf - thinking possibly Le Mangeoire (a little far away from GCT) or even Smorgaschef- we are catholic in our tastes so any place (other than Japanese or Thai, too iffy with our guest) that meets our quality and ambiance considerations would be a possible candidate.

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    1. re: thegforceny

      thanks for the recommendations! - what dishes do these places do well?

      1. re: jen kalb

        Disclaimer: I've only ever eaten lunches but each over 10 times.

        The BF likes the SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE

        At Ammos the grilled whole fish is the way to go.

        There's also Benjamin's steakhouse. Petite Sirloin. I like their steak much more than Capital Grille.

        I worked in Chrysler building and lunched out a lot in that area.

    2. If the weather is nice and you don't mind walking take a trek down Lex to Da Ciro on Lex and 34th. Quiet, comfortable place with excellent Italian food.

      1. Haven't been myself, but if I were after a nice dinner in that area, I'd consider Vitae, which has been on my list for some time.

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        1. re: squid kun

          We ended up deciding on Vitae. Thanks to all, and I will report how it goes.

        2. +1 for Osteria Laguna (which I prefer to da Ciro).
          I don't know Andaz other than for brunch, where it excels.

          My only additional suggestion -given your "catholic tastes" and the need not to feel pushed- is the Capital Grille, on 42nd btw. Lex & Third. Something for everyone on a menu of pretty straighforward cuisine, a very good wine list, a comfortable space neither more nor less 'corporate' than what's been suggested so far (for that neighbourhood, anyway), and certain to be mellow on a Saturday evening. Maybe a tad pricey, but reliable.

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          1. re: Phil Ogelos

            thanks for weighing in -what do you like at Osteria Laguna? - the menu does not read all that Venetian.

            Wondered how people would take my "catholic tastes" remark by which I intended to mean that we like all sorts of cuisines ! Ive been to a Capital Grille on a business trip a few years ago and was actually very favorably impressed - it did not have a chain feel. I recall a fried squid with cherry peppers that was pretty damn good, the equal of some chinatown versions.

            But since our guess is a fairly light eater, and I recall a large serving size at Capital Grill,I think thats not a great fit this time round!

            Are any of the "Little Brasil" places recommendable at this point? I wouldnt be a shame to pack up a doggy bag over there.

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