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Apr 1, 2014 08:40 AM

Liquid Nitrogen

Has anyone ever bought LN to make ice cream at home in Manhattan ? Was looking to do it for a birthday party.

Thanks ,

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  1. It's not the kind of investment one makes for a one-time event. First you'd need to purchase a vacuum dewar (that's the special container for transporting it) which can run a few hundred bucks. Then filling it, which can vary in price. Praxair, a big national gas supplier has a location on Staten Island, you can check them out:

    GTS-Welco / Praxair
    600 Richmond Terrace
    Staten Island, NY

    I think they might also rent the dewars,

    Online, there's Chef Rubber:

    - Dewars run $300+ - I doubt they come filled, but you can go to a gas supplier to have it filled (the LN itself only costs a few bucks a gallon, generally)

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    1. re: sgordon

      Interesting. I've always just used my stainless steel Thermos bottle with the lid left loose so that the nitrogen that's boiling off doesn't blow the top off. Safety experts, and, for all I know, commercial suppliers, might have words to say about my doing that, I suppose, but, as far as effective storage goes, it works just fine for a few hours of holding time.

      If you end up doing it, I'm assuming you'll use a stainless steel bowl, a wooden spoon, gloves and eye protection. I don't have proper cryogenic gloves (they're not cheap); maybe I should, but there you are.

      1. re: rpk

        Where do you go to purchase your nitro, out of curiosity? What are their prices like?

      2. re: sgordon

        that's what I was afraid of , was hoping to be able to rent a dewars as well

        1. re: griller in the mist

          You can got the thermos route (though I suspect some places might not sell it to you without a proper dewar, you never know...) but you'd need to buy it same day you're going to use it, as it'll evaporate fairly quickly if you keep the cap loose (which you have to, or... kaboom)

          Check with Praxair about rentals. Pretty sure they do it. It's walking distance from the ferry (maybe 20 mins) and you can make an afternoon of it, grab some Sri Lankan food or hit Enoteca Maria before / after.

      3. Potentially cheaper (and safer!!) to look for a private chef with a Paco jet than go the diy route...

        1. I think this stuff should be handled and controlled only by a professional, especially at a party. You don't want to have someone getting or causing a major injury by accident. It's really dangerous in the wrong hands, which may go missing by mishandling.

          1. Maybe off-topic, but I was wondering just now about liquid nitrogen in restaurants and other food places in NYC. I just had some very good liquid nitrogen frozen yogurt at Blue Olive Market on 40th (or 41st?) just east of 3rd Ave. and wondered if there are other places.

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            1. re: rteplow

              Blue Olive is on 41st btw Third Ave and Tunnel Exit Street; how they'll survive at that side-swiped location (other than with help from Cuomo and EU consular staff visits) is a real question.
              Anyway, I'll certainly check it out -expecting to speak in a squeaky voice after my first bite of that yoghurt.