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Apr 1, 2014 08:29 AM

Jeffery's for BD?

Planning to take my husband out for his birthday next week and would like someplace special…good food, service and not too loud in order to have a conversation. We haven't been to Jeffery's since it reopened and really haven't heard much buzz since the opening. I didn't find any reviews here on Chow, so was wondering if anyone has been?

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  1. If you are a steak eater, I hear it is great.

    1. We saved our pennies and went recently for the first time. It wasn't crowded and wasn't loud but I think it could be loud if full...

      The steak (11 oz strip dry aged prime) was really great. Perfect medium rare, beefy from the dry aged. The grouper and potato pavé were also awesome. The side of bitter greens were too bitter and barely touched. The beet and burrata salad were way better and more interesting than I expected. The warm olives and nuts were disappointing.

      Overall, I thought the experience a bit disorienting. It kept feeling like a Wes Anderson movie of retro and modern at the same time (lobster Thermidor or Moroccan lamb osso bucco; B.B. King or Spoon; preppy valets in shorts or tuxedoed waiters). I'd go back because our food was mostly great, but for the price I'd prefer Congress or Uchi if I could talk my better half into it (she liked it more than me).

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        Thanks for the recent info. That was kind of the impression I had from reviews on other sites. Seems like people thought it was a 2 star or 5 star restaurant with not much in between. I guess we'll give it a try & will write a review. We've been going to NYC frequently & eating at 15 East for sushi. As much as I've loved Uchi in the past, it can't stand up to 15 East which has spoiled me!

        1. re: topeater

          I don't think of Uchi for sushi as for their daily specials menu page and the crazy great Speer desserts.

          Still definitely think you should try Jeffrey's if you can afford it.