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And yes, I am shouting.

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  1. I know, I know, I just logged in to see what CHOW had cooked up for us this year?

    1. I too logged in this morning looking for this year's take on the Banana Board :(

      I miss Dave MP.

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      1. I was hoping for KUMQUATS or AVODADOS or something. I started checking at oh dark thirty this morning.

        Some site managers have no sense of tradition.

        1. I checked this morning and now again at lunch thinking they just needed a bit more time.

          So disappointed. It's the little things in life, ya know?

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              I was going to say we should have a cup of tea and wait to see what happened, if we just knew how to boil water.

              Spoilsport. :P

          1. It's a sad day when the annual tradition ends after just one year. ::::::BIG sigh::::

            1. I came looking as well.....boohoo

              1. It's in the tailpipe board.

                    1. re: Mr Taster

                      The mods deleted GG's post and another April Fool's post on HC on April 2nd. I wish they had just locked them both, without deleting, but ....

                      1. re: masha

                        Agreed, locking would have been the better action, In the past, at any rate, humor has not been grounds for deletion, e.g. the kirgilnix thread (locked too soon and overly-moderated, IMO, but at least it's still accessible).

                      2. re: Mr Taster

                        That's because the Mods took it down, according to the e-mail they sent yesterday, because it was no longer April 1. I pointed out to them that THIS thread is still up and likewise the "fujin pan" thread on Cookware. Their response was that this thread is okay because it DISCUSSES joke threads but isn't actually one - despite the fact, as I pointed out to them, that many of the responses continue the joke. The pan thread is okay because they aren't sure it isn't legit, as evidenced, they say, by the earnest attempts to answer. That, of course, only shows people didn't get the joke. I also pointed out to them that "pan" would not be part of a German word - it would be Pfanne or Topf, and the letter "j" is quite rare in German vocabulary. Nonetheless, that thread remains up.

                        Perhaps if I hadn't added smileys to the title of my post, they would think it, too, was legit. Here it is:

                        "☺ ISO Culinary uses for wild bird mix ☺

                        Now that April has arrived, it's time to take down the wild bird feeders and I find I have a lot of leftover seed. With summers as hot as in recent years, it would get rancid if I tried to save it for next winter. I know I can grind the remains of the bag of sunflower hearts into meal to use in baking and salad dressing, but am not sure what to do with the Woodpecker's Pick, which is a mix of tree nut pieces, peanuts, yellow corn, sunflower kernel, dehydrated cherries, raisins and pepitas. I'd prefer something other than trail mix, muffins, or cookies. Perhaps some savory appetizer or stir-fry?"

                        At the risk of tooting my own horn, I thought I'd come up with a pretty clever AF spoof, and am annoyed that it was taken down so fast. Not every Hound reads the site every day; I'd have expected it to stay up at least a couple of days.

                        1. re: greygarious

                          I'm actually really personally curious about the Fujin thread. That's at least somewhat because if it is a joke, I don't get the joke and I hate not getting the joke! I had hoped we'd hear back from the email we sent the original poster, but we haven't.

                          Although several people answered it as if it was a joke, someone also came up with something that seems like an actual legitimate answer. It's not clear that the recipe book they're referencing was written in German and since they don't seem to be/speak German that's actually unlikely. It seems plausible that it was an English language book about German traditional cuisine -- possibly the actual book that recipe link is taken from: "Recipes from a German Grandmother". And while j isn't that common in German, the whole premise of the question is that they don't know how to spell the word.

                          Between my not getting the joke and the fact that there's at least one cookbook out there that calls for a "fugen pan", I feel like it's worth leaving the post up. We don't like to leave fake posts up because they mislead and confuse people -- that's why we took the others down after April Fools ended -- but it's just not clear that that post is actually fake.

                    2. Yes you ARE shouting. You've been shouting ALL day!!!!

                      This is CHOWHOUND, You know!?! Where Chow's community of discerning eaters share information and opinions about cooking and restaurants. We come here to start a new discussion or add to an existing one, enhancing the conversation with our own hard-won knowledge! We Don't like to be shouted AT. Get with the PROGRAM.

                        1. Bananas are a particular passion of Dave MP. Without him bringing his focused dedication to advancing the state of Banana discussion to the project, it just wouldn't feel right to have a Banana board.

                          /me stares wistfully out the window with a silent tear running down her cheek.

                            1. I think the 30,000 pounds of bananas that Harry Chapin sang about that were lost in Scranton Pennsylvania took the wind out of the banana sail.

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                              1. re: Veggo

                                Wasn't that the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior?

                                  1. re: Veggo

                                    I know it was Gordon. I was just going along the same theme as "banana sail"....although the Edmund Fitzgerald wasn't *quite* a sailboat...