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Lunch in North/Northwest Austin

I've gotten in a rut of eating in the same spots for lunch. Any suggestions for a good lunch spot in North/Northwest Austin?

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  1. Michi Ramen, Verts, Tam Deli, Tan My, Lucy's, Conscious Cravings....

    1. Midori sushi. Momo Korean.

      1. Keifer's Cafe, Cafe Java, Biryani Pot, Rice Bowl

        1. i ate at The Garden Spot (burnet north of 183) on a rec yesterday while in the area. The sandwiches remind me of thundercloud but a little better and with hot lunch specials a couple days a week. lunch was about 10 bucks.

          1. Sagiang, Asia Cafe, Chen's Noodle House, Reale's, Osaka Mansun

            1. can you divulge your rutty standards?

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                Sure can,
                My go to places are Cheddars, Chili's and McDonald's. Ha, April Fools!

                Chen's Noodle House, Thai Cuisine, Taco Deli, and Jardin Corona along with a handful of others are my go-to's. I totally forgot about the Vert's opening up North. Went there not long after it opened and really enjoyed it. Although I'm having a hard time believing it can be that good and still be healthy.

                The Momo Korean and Sagiang are not far. I plan to hit up both those in the very near future. These are some great recommendations, thanks all.

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                  i'm not sure vert's is healthy beyond the salad they put on your donair. the chicken is pretty lean i guess. i'm pretty sure the sauces are mayo concoctions but the total calories are supposed to be around 550. which is still a lot but not compared to many other fast food offerings.

                  i love the place but have found it to be inconsistent at times. sometimes you get a more grisly hunk of meat and it just depends on who is making your kebop.

                  that said, i eat there about once a week.

                  1. re: ieathereforeiam

                    Those dressings taste great and are NOT mayonnaise based. I was surprised when they told me that they use a yogurt based dressing which helps keep the calorie count down.

              2. Margaritas (Parmer and McNeil) has an excellent plate: Naked chile rellenos. Get it with red New Mexico sauce and charro beans.

                Ajishin (same shopping center)

                Pour House (if you can have beer w/ your lunch)

                The League near Avery Ranch has quite a few plates that are WAY better than other upscale sports bars.

                Tony C's Coal Fired Pizza (next to The League)

                1. Ramen Tatsu, Ho ho, Bill Millers, Mighty Fine.

                  1. At the corner of RR 620 and Lake Creek Parkway you will find Stuffed Cajun Meat Market and Specialty Foods. If you go there, you will no longer be in a rut, Sweet Cheeks. The food is great and the people who run the place are just wonderful.


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                      theirs are my favorite fried oysters around here if not anywhere. And this comes from a seriously chesapeake bay trained palate.

                    2. I'm in the same area. My go-to places:

                      Little Deli
                      Raman Tatsuya
                      Whole Foods for a half sandwich
                      Birani Pot
                      Chuys for a 1/2 fajita taco salad

                      1. I think we need a definition of what is North/Northwest.
                        Seriously, North Loop used to be North.

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                        1. re: TroyTempest

                          North Loop is the new South Austin!

                        2. No other Muang Thai fans?!? My favorite traditional Thai in town. Get the Chu Chee with the sauce on the side (to ensure that the fish stays crispy). Word to the wise; their hot is HOT. We usually order things mild and they still do not lack for heat.

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                            I]m a big fan of Muang Thai. Their initial foray was a bit rocky (no separate checks for lunch, for example), but they stepped it up. They have a lot of choices on their lunch menu.....sometimes I like a dry curry, sometimes I like a tame soup for comfort.

                            1. re: Optimista

                              Big fans here in our workplace. We hit Muang Thai about once a week. Sometimes lately things have gotten a little slow right at peak service but the food is very very good. There's a beef noodle soup which was a mainstay of our group over the long winter. We've been known to go in and order 5 #27 please...

                              1. re: cpencis

                                I agree, Muang Thai is really good.

                                Have you tried Thai Cuisene on Parmer? It's in the same shopping center as Tomo Suchi. So good. I like it better than Muang Thai because their lunch comes with a app/soup/salad bar, which is enough to fill up on before the entree even arrives. I'm a big fan of the curries (changes daily) and pad ke mao.

                                1. re: Sweet_Cheeks

                                  It's so good that you have to get there before 11:30 or after 1 PM to get a table! Muang Thai is a much larger space and a bit less business at lunch, from what I remember.

                                  1. re: rudeboy

                                    FYI - Muang Thai is on summer vacation, back on July 22.

                                    1. re: cpencis

                                      That's a bit unusual. Wonder if something is up?

                                      1. re: rudeboy

                                        They have closed before for a week or more at a time for "vacation"

                                        1. re: PappyAustin

                                          No I honestly think they go back to Thailand to see family. The restaurant seems to be a family affair and this happened last summer too. So I see nothing untoward to it...

                                          1. re: cpencis

                                            That's good to know, as they are all nice people and I wish success for them. Plus, they're in Thailand, which must be great!

                                  2. re: Sweet_Cheeks

                                    I haven't tried Thai Cuisine. My office is way out southwest, so that area of town is too far away for me to hit at lunch time. But if they're worth a visit at dinner, I'm there!

                                    1. re: Optimista

                                      they also have the 2 soups and app bar on weekends, plus frequently do a groupon or other deal, if you'd like to try it.

                              2. I'm also out in the far northwest at Parmer and 620, I've got a lot of the same to echo here, I already added my comment to Muang Thai in the sub-thread, we also hit Verts, Siagang, and Ajishin, but also in the area is Tinos Greek Cafe. They do a very respectable full veg plate, their gyro plate with salad and 3 sides is generous, and the service is fast.

                                They'res a ton of burger joints nearby, and just added to it a Phil's Icehouse next to the indoor skydiving place. I enjoyed a very nice burger there last week [ordered medium].

                                Back into town, near Mopac and Anderson Lane is Alborz Persian - really good lunch fare, great veg options and a nice change of pace.

                                Watching the thread for other suggestions!

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                                  Tino's - yes, I like to get their five veggie plate but they will give you five items rather than all veggies. Seems like they give you a second look, but they will do it. That meatball and mashed potato combo is great. To me, a better deal than the gyros plate.

                                2. These are found near 183 between 360 and Spicewood Springs.
                                  Bombay Bistro
                                  Catfish Parlour
                                  BB Rover's
                                  New Awlins Cafe
                                  Camino Real

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                                    what do you get at camino real?
                                    someone at work with questionable taste said it was good, so i kinda wrote it off.

                                    1. re: dinaofdoom

                                      It's standard TexMex, nothing to get excited about. I usually get one of the combo plates.

                                    2. re: willastn

                                      Do these have particular dishes to recommend them [example - the catfish at catfish parlor - but how does it stack up to Pacific Star?]

                                      1. re: cpencis

                                        I also work near 620 and Parmer. If you want fried catfish, the catfish parlor is fine. They also have good blackened catfish there. Pacific Star has more variety and about the only place in this area to get seafood at a reasonable price. Freda's is another option and is a nicer place than Pacific Star. One nice thing about the Catfish Parlor is that it is fast. The service at Pacific Star can be very slow at times.