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Apr 1, 2014 08:17 AM

Lunch in North/Northwest Austin

I've gotten in a rut of eating in the same spots for lunch. Any suggestions for a good lunch spot in North/Northwest Austin?

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  1. Michi Ramen, Verts, Tam Deli, Tan My, Lucy's, Conscious Cravings....

    1. Midori sushi. Momo Korean.

      1. Keifer's Cafe, Cafe Java, Biryani Pot, Rice Bowl

        1. i ate at The Garden Spot (burnet north of 183) on a rec yesterday while in the area. The sandwiches remind me of thundercloud but a little better and with hot lunch specials a couple days a week. lunch was about 10 bucks.

          1. Sagiang, Asia Cafe, Chen's Noodle House, Reale's, Osaka Mansun