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Apr 1, 2014 07:54 AM

Looking for Crab Legs and Crawfish in Charleston

Anybody know a good place where we can get this type of food in Charleston area? Needs to be in Cajun style. Thanks!

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  1. Not to be snarky, but that is like going to Texas and looking for SC style bbq or Minnesota and looking for shrimp and grits. Crab legs and crawfish aren't local specialties. Shrimp, oysters and blue crabs are what's local and good!

    That said, you could try one of these places (but I predict you'll be disappointed):

    1. carolinadawg, I know, its not exactly the specialty of the area. But if I can find good cajun food in Phoenix/Vegas/LA/Dallas/Etc, then I would think a town like Charleston, known to be a good city to eat, would have somewhere that can do it?

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        Perhaps, but Charleston is 1) much smaller than those other cities, and 2) has a very defined and proud local culinary history and scene.

        One of the big attractions to Charleston is it's indigenous food.