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Apr 1, 2014 07:39 AM

PB & J Day

Tomorrow (April 2nd) is PB & J Day. The kids want to celebrate it. I cant send anything containing peanuts/nuts to school with them, so I guess well have it at dinner. Any suggestions aside from the boring (to me) pb & j sandwiches.

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  1. You can make peanut soup, many recipes online.

    1. How about peanut cookies and make PB&J icecream sandwiches or sundaes for dessert?

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      1. re: Kajikit

        Or peanut cookies with thumbprints in them for a jam insert? :)

      2. Peanut butter pancakes with jelly (melted) as sauce for breakfast

        Some sort of Thai-like stir-fry with a peanut sauce and hot pepper jelly.
        ... hm, maybe I'll make that for dinner tomorrow too!

        1. Freeze jelly on a stick. Wrap in soft peanut butter. Dip in sweet batter and deep fry.

          Gild an already perfect PB&J on Wonderbread by treating it as a Monte Cristo.

          Then we have a slab of guava jelly on toast. Cover with peanut butter and put under broiler. Cover with Cheez Wiz or nacho sauce. Put a slice of tomato on top to emulate a hot brown.

          1. Grilled PB&J is great! Add sriracha and it is even better

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              I will be trying sriracha with mine tonight!
              Thank you for this thread cheesymama! I did not want to cook tonight - my young DD does want to cook - this will be perfect for us. She'll appreciate the eco spin as well, we might even make this monthly. We do have PB & J or B for breakfast some days but it's not a huge part of their diets for the reasons you mention (not allowed at school or daycare). And I'm all for it!
              As for suggestions, I enjoy waffles topped with PB, sliced banana, and honey. Sliced apples and almond butter are also a good sandwich combo.

              1. re: julesrules

                This was a good thread too. PB, strawberry jam and balsamic anyone?