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PB & J Day

Tomorrow (April 2nd) is PB & J Day. The kids want to celebrate it. I cant send anything containing peanuts/nuts to school with them, so I guess well have it at dinner. Any suggestions aside from the boring (to me) pb & j sandwiches.

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  1. You can make peanut soup, many recipes online.

    1. How about peanut cookies and make PB&J icecream sandwiches or sundaes for dessert?

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        Or peanut cookies with thumbprints in them for a jam insert? :)

      2. Peanut butter pancakes with jelly (melted) as sauce for breakfast

        Some sort of Thai-like stir-fry with a peanut sauce and hot pepper jelly.
        ... hm, maybe I'll make that for dinner tomorrow too!

        1. Freeze jelly on a stick. Wrap in soft peanut butter. Dip in sweet batter and deep fry.

          Gild an already perfect PB&J on Wonderbread by treating it as a Monte Cristo.

          Then we have a slab of guava jelly on toast. Cover with peanut butter and put under broiler. Cover with Cheez Wiz or nacho sauce. Put a slice of tomato on top to emulate a hot brown.

          1. Grilled PB&J is great! Add sriracha and it is even better

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              I will be trying sriracha with mine tonight!
              Thank you for this thread cheesymama! I did not want to cook tonight - my young DD does want to cook - this will be perfect for us. She'll appreciate the eco spin as well, we might even make this monthly. We do have PB & J or B for breakfast some days but it's not a huge part of their diets for the reasons you mention (not allowed at school or daycare). And I'm all for it!
              As for suggestions, I enjoy waffles topped with PB, sliced banana, and honey. Sliced apples and almond butter are also a good sandwich combo.

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                This was a good thread too. PB, strawberry jam and balsamic anyone?


            2. Peanut butter, thinly sliced red apple and crisp bacon on toasted multigrain. Not sure about the jelly...maybe incorporated into a "dipping" sauce?

              1. My daughter requested a PB & banana sandwich for lunch today.

                1. My favorite grown up PB&J is almond butter and apricot jam on grilled sourdough. Yum.

                    1. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I've got a few ideas filed away for the future. After giving the girls a few options they opted for the monte cristo style pb & j. They both loved it and want to try other sandwiches made this way. Nice to know I have something up my sleeve for the next dinner on the fly.
                      We have a few more food days to celebrate this month.
                      I am looking forward to Coffee Cake Day on the 7th and Prime Rib Day on the 27th.
                      The kids are looking forward to Grilled Cheese Day on the 12th, Picnic Day on the 23rd and Pigs in a Blanket Day on the 24th.

                      1. Peanut butter and cranberry jam is my favorite. Adding some nutella in there makes it divine.

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                          Yum - we had sour cherry jam with ours last night. My kids wanted to make the sandwiches so we kept it simple (even bought the Wonder-style bread) with a couple of variations making use of raisin bread, sliced apple and honey. Cut into triangle quarters which my kids think is fancy & restaurant-style and served on a platter so everyone could choose a variety. Although not my idea of dinner exactly, it was easy and fun and we are planning to do it monthly. A cup of tea helped satisfy my desire for something warm.