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Where to get best fresh roasted coffee beans?

I am not a coffee drinker, but I have one visiting soon. He roasts his own beans at home, but he swears that the only thing he is snobby about is that the beans he uses for coffee must be freshly roasted (24 hours to 5 days). If it matters, he prefers mellow brews with chocolate notes.

Where am I to purchase these magical beans in the DC/NoVA area? Swings? Misha's?


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  1. Java House at 1645 Q St., NW

    But I would call before going to see what they have fresh.

    Phone:(202) 387-6622

    1. Beanetics in Annandale (VA) roasts beans at the shop. Everything is dated, and if you see a blend you want and you don't see a bag that's fresh enough, ask if they have any fresher. Often there's some in the roasting room that they haven't bagged yet.


        1. I love Ceremony coffee, they're in Annapolis but they are stocked in wholefoods (roasting dates displayed) and also online: http://ceremonycoffee.com/ For mellow chocolatiness I'd go for their Cerrado Gold.

          Last time I was at my all time favourite coffee suppliers (Square Mile coffee in London) they said between 9 and 11 days after roasting is now considered optimum. They ship their beans out right after they're roasted so you can decide though. After all, everything is down to personal taste.

            1. Try Qualia Coffee.

              re Quartermain, I haven't been in over a year, did/does date their coffee, but I do not remember how many days old it was/is generally. fyi - It is also a darker roast then most, I believe.

              1. I'm overwhelmed by the need to offer snark. but that's not useful.

                even older Peet's is good.

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                  Mayorga. It's local, but I get it from Costco. It's always good. I think they roast it in Silver Spring.

                2. I sincerely appreciate all the ideas. I might try Beanetics since I will be in VA tomorrow. I will let you guys know what I end up doing and how it works out.

                  I always strive to be a great host, and I try to provide what I think my guests will like but never in a million years ask for. In the end, I know my coffee-drinking visitor will be thrilled with anything that I provide and would probably be happy even if I handed him some instant coffee.

                  I actually had to purchase a Chemex and filters so coffee making was even possible at my house so I very much appreciate your taking the time to offer your wisdom.


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                    you're a far better host than I Gustafs.

                  2. Swings would be a good choice.


                    I wish they were open later with the baseball field and dog park right across the street.

                    1. 29th Parallel: A relatively new coffee place in Fairfax on Route 50 (Arlington Blvd) It's in a new shopping strip mall where there is a new Smash burger and other shops. My friends (coffee mavens) swear his beans are the best in the area. I find myself there often -- comfortable, nice and quiet!

                      1. Did your guest enjoy the coffee? Did you make it? What did you end up buying?

                        1. Sorry it's taken me awhile to respond. Yes, my friends loved the gift of coffee beans from 29th Parallel. I bought two types -- think it was both a Kenyan and Ethiopian blend (very dark.) I didn't have the opportunity to drink any! But I do stop by at least once a week for their French press hot or ice coffee and like the atmosphere -- and want to keep this small business going!