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Apr 1, 2014 07:10 AM

John Crow Farm CSA - What Happened to Them?

A few years ago, we got word of a new CSA in Groton, MA: the John Crow Farm. We signed up and enjoyed great produce for several seasons. Then we signed up for their meat CSA about a year ago and we liked that too.

This past November, we signed up for a meat share, a poultry share, and a vegetable share.

Not long afterwards, Blood Farm burned (it being one of two sanctioned slaughterhouses in the state and, presumably, the butchers used by John Crow Farm, among others).

Then our December meat pick-up was cancelled. We did receive our share in January and February ... but then March pick up was cancelled. They sent out an email saying to stay tuned.

Some 40 days and three emails to them later, we've heard nothing. I just tried calling the phone number on their website and it is NOT the farm phone number. Seems like their Facebook presences is gone too.

So what is going on? I'm getting the creepy feeling like they've folded and are not telling the people who bought into their CSA.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone have any information on them?

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  1. They have folded. When I contacted them about getting my money back for my summer shares I was directed to contact their lawyer

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    1. re: Annesmith

      Indeed, do you have a name and/or phone number for the lawyer? And how did you contact the farm in the first place?

      1. re: Annesmith

        I'm in the same boat. I've only received 2 of my 6 paid shares. Do you have the number for their lawyer?

        What are the odds of us getting a refund?? I'm out almost $300! This is awful.

        1. re: whylime29

          I was at the Somerville winter market last Saturday, and a friend from another farm told me that JCF had folded. It just came up in conversation, I hadn't mentioned them. I think that I would contact the COmmonwealth's Dep't of Agriculture. You'd probably get more information/ settlement of issues through them.

        2. re: Annesmith

          Do you have the contact information for their attorney? Could you please post that if you do?

          1. re: hanguk_yuja

            Attorney Cornelius "Connie" Sullivan assisted them with a corporate filing in 2011. I'm not sure he still represents JCF. I've called several times and have yet to speak to a person.

        3. Well, lescaret, we've been on the identical timeline. We, too, have been very happy with JCF for a couple of seasons. Then we renewed in December, got a turkey instead of chicken because Blood Farm had burned, got an email that March pick-up would be late, and nothing since. I also saw that there is no FB page, and the person who answered the phone definitely didn't seem to be associated with the farm.
          Very sorry for them if they didn't make it, but not at all happy about losing several hundred dollars.
          Annesmith, how did you get the information about a lawyer? Do you have contact information? TIA.

          1. Same deal here. I contacted the AG office a couple weeks ago as I was frustrated with the lack of response. I think it's a good place to start.

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              1. re: whylime29

                yes, they called the other day and said that someone would be in touch soon to get more info.

              2. re: kelsammy

                I also filed with the AG, I think the more complaints the better...

              3. I don't think Blood processes poultry, nor much of their meat by the packaging I've received, so I don't understand how that affected them. Though I can see that being used as an excuse.

                Which phone number was answered? I have called the xxx-8JCF line and also the one that is listed on yelp - both went to a cheery JCF voice mail.

                Someone on yelp commented that they got a refund - but sounded like in the Dec-Jan timeframe, not March.

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                1. re: kelsammy

                  I tried both those phone numbers. The one from their web site is no longer associated with the farm. The one from yelp just went to voice mail. I saw that comment on Yelp by the person who got the refund - lucky them.

                  I live only a couple towns over from the farm, I'm going to have to make a trip over there and see if I can find a human.

                  This whole thing is very unfortunate, and so abrupt.

                  1. re: kelsammy

                    I had heard over the summer that they were losing a lease on the property they used - pretty crummy to not take care of their CSA folks if that is the case.

                  2. The corporate filings with the Commonwealth are (mostly) on-line.

                    The starting point for "JOHN CROW FARM, INC." can be located at:


                    From that page, you get the basic player(s), and can review the annual reports (not particularly more useful than the basic info), and the Articles of Organization, which has only a small amount of additional info - including the Atty who filed the AoO. Given that the listed Atty has a hotmail address, it might not be that useful.

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                    1. re: NE_Wombat

                      If you google the attorney's name, you get more recent contact info for him. Of course he may well no longer be involved.

                        1. re: kingofcarbs

                          Filed what? Where did you see it? Thx