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Apr 1, 2014 06:38 AM

Passover Salad Dressings

Many of the store-bought KLP salad dressings are awful. I would love to hear recommendations of those that you enjoy. Yes, I know that home-made dressings are probably the better/healthier/tastier alternative.

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  1. You said it yourself . . . make your own. It will take you all of 2 minutes to throw some oil, vinegar, lemon juice, honey, OJ, herbs, whatever together. That cottonseed-based stuff is vile, and arguably toxic!

    1. Unfortunately Heinz is no longer making KFP wine vinegar but I make a terrific dressing by wisking olive oil, vinegar, garlic and either oregano or basil. Works very well on feta cheese salad. I bought cider vinegar this year because I really dislike the KFP wine vinegar. It will work but I may try to touch it up a bit with a few drops of wine or some sugar or something.

      I love Russian dressing so I mix mayo and ketchup and a little vinegar because Pesach ketchup is sooo sweet. That will taste great on corned beef (Costco!) matzo sandwiches.
      No rolls, no fancy, just corned beef and Russian between two pieces of matzah. Maybe some cole slaw but without celery seed it misses something.

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      1. re: SoCal Mother

        I believe I saw Heinz KFP red wine vinegar. Could be wrong though.

        I usually use olive oil and lemon. Saw pomegranate infused olive oil, which I might try

        1. re: cheesecake17

          I had a Chilean red wine vinegar last year which was very good. Haven't checked for it in the stores this year.

          1. re: cheesecake17

            Not recently. But I will look since you mentioned it.

            1. re: SoCal Mother

              I saw it at stop and shop. (Their Passover section was a horror fwiw. Never going back)

                1. re: SoCal Mother

                  Target has a good selection of pesach items?
                  Near me there was a sad shelf of matzah and a few jars of gefilte fish. (Not such a big deal, bc there's plenty of other places to shop, but it was funny to see)

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    I have had a similar experience with Shop Rite. There are 2 or 3 Shop Rites around here (Central Jersey) that have a Kosher Experience. As a result the other Shop Rites have almost nothing - matzoh, jars of gefilte fish, grape juice. that's it.
                    It seems to be a storewide policy (and it may be the case with Target too) that if they have stores with kosher sections that have high sales volume with kosher foods, they minimize the inventory in other nearby stores.
                    The Stop and Shop near me has a huge selection, and lots of items on sale, but not another one just a couple of miles away which has much, much less than in previous years.

                    1. re: helou

                      The shoprite in Brooklyn has a huge selection- they clear out a few aisles and make it a Passover section. Haven't been yet, but I'll go next week for dairy products. I've bought the shoprite brand cottage cheese that's KFP- much cheaper than the other brands.

                      Stop and shop (also in Brooklyn) was a disappointment. Truly an awful shopping experience. The store nearest ,e advertised a "Passover super section"- read the circular and they had a lot of items that were on sale that I needed/wanted.
                      They actually had none of what I wanted, and the customer service people were RUDE, yelling at me that it's my problem not theirs. (One item, millers Parmesan cheese was on sale. 2 pkgs/$4. The circular said 8oz pkgs, but the store only had 4oz. They acknowledged that the manufacturer does produce 8oz pkgs, and the advertisement was a mistake. Still wouldn't honor the price)

                    2. re: cheesecake17

                      No, Target has very little but they carry Heinz wine vinegar.

                      1. re: cheesecake17

                        Our local Walgreens has a Pesach endcap. A very sad looking plastic Seder plate, some generic paper plates and napkins (no decoration whatsoever) and a couple of inflatable Pesach tchotchkes. A "C-" for effort and a "D-" for execution.

                        1. re: ferret

                          Do people do kosher grocery shopping at Walgreens? I've never thought of it as a place to buy any food other than candy and chips sort of stuff, and in my experience, most of the candy stuff doesn't have hechsherim. They definitely have lots of Valentine's Day and Easter-stuff, but I have never seen any Pesach stuff at a Walgreens, so I wouldn't expect much more than what you saw.

                          1. re: queenscook

                            Obviously nobody expects to shop at Walgreen's for anything Pesach-related, which makes it all the more odd that someone thought to get a weird assortment of Pesach-themed goods (and white paper plates and napkins) on an endcap feature.

                            1. re: ferret

                              Probably some salesman who convinced and unsuspecting buyer.

                    3. re: cheesecake17

                      If you saw Heinz wine vinegar for Pesach, it's a few years old. Still, I would buy it if I could.

                      1. re: SoCal Mother

                        Thanks. A friend went to stop and shop, and said not everything in the Passover section was KFP. So could have been regular red wine vinegar that I saw

                2. re: SoCal Mother

                  I prefer balsamic vinegar, and it's always available.

                3. The original comment has been removed
                  1. I hear what you are both saying, and I anticipated it in my original post. Nevertheless, my question was about recommendations for the best of the store-bought dressings, (even if they are the best among the worst). PS, Please excuse my previous reply. Something screwy happened with my tablet, and I was unable to delete it.

                    1. Blanchard & Blanchard have pretty good dressings.

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                        I was just going to say that. DH likes their low fat Italian.