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Apr 1, 2014 06:18 AM

10 best Supermarkets

Consumer Reports has come out with a survey that has designated the 10 best supermarket chains in the USA. Trouble is, half of the chains have fewer than 100 outlets. And naturally reflects the economics of their subscribers/respondents.

Check it out at

I will leave finding the raw data for those gifted in the art of mining info. And which favorite of yours was overlooked? Mine, Publix, came in at #3 with over 1000 stores. While no matter how great Fairway Stores are, at only 14 stores in a confined area, are they really a chain?

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  1. Both of my favorites made the list - Wegmans, Trader Joe's. I guess I would consider any store with more than 5 stores or stores in at least two states to be a chain but that's just my own definition.

    1. To my way of thinking, any market that has multiple stores is a Chain. We shop at Trader Joe's, and Market Basket which I always thought was a small regional market. I suppose they are but I was surprised to learn they have 77 stores in just Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They listed at #7. (Lucky number 7)

      Recently Whole Foods Market opened in my town and we love their organic produce and meats, etc. Does anyone know where WF appears on that list?

      1. We don't have a trader joes yet in central florida but Publix made the list.

        I enjoy Publix its not expensive or cheap but the quality is there. Things I love about Publix.

        1. Publis Subs with boarshead meats
        2. Clean stores friendly service
        3. Publix sushi - the rainbow roll and the california roll made for a quick light lunch.
        4. the bakery has great breads
        5. The pizza dough
        6. There Greenwise products that include USDA Approved 100 percent organic products like our local grove Uncle Matts in Claremont.
        7. The carry a varity of craft beer

          1. Of the top 10 listed, 2 of the 10 operate in my area, Trader Joe's and Costco.

            BUT...neither one is a supermarket.
            Costco carries limited brands and selections of food in large quantities. Thousands of fewer items than a typical supermarket. It is a 'wholesale/warehouse' club. No service deli.

            Trader Joe's is a grocery store. Too small to be a supermarket and having no service deli or meat department and almost no non-house brands.

            Market Basket is my favorite on the list. I used to have to be in Massachusetts every week and brought our groceries home from Market Basket. Now, every 8 weeks we drive 90 minutes each way to shop at the closest Market Basket for non-perishables and frozen items. The savings, service and selection is worth the trip.

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              I love market basket. Cheap, lots of kosher house brand items, simple layout, friendly staff.

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                Agreed -- Costco and TJs are not close to what anyone would consider a supermarket. Costco has great stuff, but the selection in certain areas, like canned good and cereals, are very limited. So we keep a BJ's membership and I go there about once a month. We have a newish BJ's in Gainesville VA and it's very nice. There's also a Wegman's nearby!

                You "can" do a regular grocery shopping at TJs, but I go there for odds and ends -- frozen ethnic entrees, dried fruits, etc.

                Wegmans is definitely the best supermarket chain -- the prices are good, the house brand products are very good, and they have extras like the sub shop, the pizza bakery, an outstanding wine selection -- in fact, they just won a local wine price competition, even beating Costco. The only problem i have with Wegmans (other than there being about six of them in Northern Virginia, and none are close enough to be my regular supermarket) is the produce section is a complete madhouse due I think to its unusual layout.

                When I lived in Florida (and my dad as well), Publix was definitely our supermarket of choice.