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Apr 1, 2014 01:57 AM

Have you taken the cutter attachment of your pasta machine apart?

I just picked up an Imperia 150 second-hand and the cutter attachment is in less-than-ideal shape. There's rust inside the handle attachment points, there was a lot of dried dough stuck in the cutter grooves and it seems like there is dough wedged under the scraper bars. I spent a couple of hours with some bamboo skewers and a stiff brush and got everything I could. I ran a batch of dough through to pick up the bits and after all that, I can't get to what's under the scraper bars, and there's a definite issue with the gears - a resistance at one point with every turn.

I'm toying with the idea of taking the cutter attachment apart. I'm ok with losing it, as it's really not functional as is. The main part of the machine is in great shape, and I can always pick up a chitarra. I'm just looking for someone who has done this and can offer some hints.

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  1. When I bought a used pasta machine, I actually did something you're not supposed to do - washed it in the dishwasher. I soaked it thoroughly in hot water, dish-washed it, then took it out and immediately dried it in a warm oven so that it wouldn't rust. Then I ran very oily dough through the cutter until no more crud came out. I made up a batch of dough especially for the purpose with plenty of oil in it. If I were to do this again, I would use mineral oil to make sure the oil wouldn't go rancid, but it actually turned out fine anyway. Before disassembling the unit, I'd try everything else first.

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      Well, curiousity got the better of me - I had a bit of down time while Chowpup napped, and the cutter unit is now currently in pieces. There was a good bunch of dried dough under the roller scrapers - no way that would have come out without getting the scrapers out of the way. I have no idea how it managed to get that way in the first place - this thing has seen some rough use. There's also a fine layer of rust on some of the cutter surfaces. I am going to pick up some mineral oil at the pharmacy this afternoon and give it all a rub down with a clean green scubber pad. Haven't figured out why the one set of cutters isn't rolling smoothly; I am hoping it's getting caught on the rust and just dragging.

    2. Something to think about from someone who used to do a LOT of CRAFTING!! I had a hand-crank pasta machine that was only used a few times a year. When I found another at a thrift store, grabbed it up for crafts.

      I used it with stuff like Sculpy... a polymer clay product that gets baked to harden... jewelry, decorations, etc. Labels specifically say NOT to use baking sheets or other utensils that are used with FOOD. When I found that sculpy was not the next greatest thing to me, I donated pasta machine to a thrift shop. BUT I wrote on it very clearly, in SHARPIE that it should NOT be used for food since used with poly-clay. Don't know exactly what the dangers are, doubt you'd drop dead, but just something to think about!

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        I was worried about that, too - the guy I got it from assured me that it had only been used for pasta dough.
        When she heard I was looking, a friend offered me a Marcato from her garage for free, but she had been using it for clay. It killed me to turn her down!

      2. Okay, does anyone have a Imperia 150 and could you post a pic of the underside of the double cutter attachment?

        I have sucessfully cleaned and reassembled my attachment except for the scraper bars - and of course that's the only part I didn't take a picture of during dis-assembly. I have two pairs of interlocking scraper combs that are held in place by two pairs of little spring-loaded, u-shaped pins. And I can not for the life of me figure out how the pins hold the combs in place. Visual assistance would be most appreciated!!

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            Exactly what I needed - you're a life saver! Will let you know how it goes.

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              Good luck! (In the meantime, never realized how grungy the underside of my cutter is...)

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                :) Well, if it was all shiny, that would just mean you never use it!

                I am happy to report a sucessful operation. I am glad I took photos while I took it apart, it made re-assembly (well, except for the obvious scraper bars!) very easy. I oiled everything well, so I am going to put the Chowpup to work cranking some spare dough through to clean out the excess oil. And I found a burr on one of the larger cutter rollers that was catching every time it got turned around - that came off with a little sandpaper and problem solved. All in all, very pleased with the whole project and can't thank you enough for the help!

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                  Excellent! Happy pastafication to you!