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Mar 31, 2014 10:17 PM

theater trip with a 12-year-old

My daughter and I are making a theater pilgrimage to NYC next month and are looking for restaurant suggestions for our dinners. I lived in Manhattan for years, but haven't been to the city in five years, and am rusty. My daughter is an adventurous eater. Since we have tickets every night (and all of the shows are in the theater district), I want to limit us to restaurants in that area that take reservations. Suggestions? I'd probably like to do one night with a nicer dinner (and was considering Esca) and two nights with more moderate restaurants (and was considering La Havana, for example).

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  1. What about any spots from your last visit? Did you report back on any of these places?

    Your request comes up frequently on this board. Here’s the two most recent threads:

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    1. Last time we ended up going to Esca (which I had been to a number of times when I lived in NYC and was as always excellent if not amazing and is probably my go-to) and Blue Fin, which was fine, but not exciting, and much too loud for me, which I had discounted from the online reviews. Some of the suggestions had sounded great but I had been unable to get reservations at appropriate times.

      1. I took my 11 year old to NYC last year. He is obsessed with iron chefs so we did Morimoto, Otto and Eataly. We also took one for the team and went to Guy Fieries place which was awful as expected. Link to my recap:

        1. Esca is great.

          Others to consider:
          Bar Americain

          More casual:
          Shake Shake
          Toto Ramen
          Ippudo (ramen)
          Don Antonio (neopolitan pizza)
          Pure Thai Cookhouse