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NYTimes Case Study on Our Own Barb Lynch and Kristin Kish

I found this article well written and it gave me alot to think about vis a vis women chefs and their continuing struggles for recognition. As a Bostonian, i appreciated the Boston people and places references as pieces in the puzzle.

Hoping many of you have read it and found it worthwhile. (It would be a shame if the old CH snarkiness darted into what i was hoping would be a civil conversation.)


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  1. Thanks for posting it. An enjoyable read.

    1. Nice article. Thank-you for sharing it.

      1. I'm glad you posted this. A very good read.

        1. It certainly continues the seemingly deserved Todd English bashing. I did enjoy the article, though, especially the line that Lynch learned everything about how not to run a restaurant empire from English!

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              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Of course not! I did say it was "seemingly deserved"! ;~)

            1. Terrific article, oc. Thanks for posting.

              1. Great article ... Thanks!

                1. Smart pr move as she is in the running for James Beard Best Restauranteur.

                  1. thanks for posting this- it is a great read and makes me proud to have Barbara and Kristin right here for their talents to fill our stomachs!

                    1. Good thing we all know their sexuality now. I just wish I new what their favorite bands are and what brand of socks they like.