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Mar 31, 2014 07:16 PM

Uzbek food in Manhattan (not Taam-Tov)

What are my options for Uzbek cuisine that is not Taam-Tov?

I'd like to find a good, even passable, Uzbek Plov?

And, I'll just say it right now, the answer is most definitely not "Taam-Tov".

Any leads much appreciated.

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  1. This belongs on the outer boroughs board, but if you want the best Uzbek cuisine in New York City I highly recommend a trip to Chayhana Salom in Sheepshead Bay.

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    1. None as far as I know.

      Head to Kashkar Cafe in Brighton Beach for delicious Uzbek/Uyghur. After you taste the lagman, manti, and kebabs, plov will be the last thing on your mind.