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Mar 31, 2014 06:52 PM

Bacon Bacon BACON!!!

When's the next Baconfest or bacon event in South Florida

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  1. I wondered about that myself. I went last year and not only was it a lot of fun it seemed like it was a big success. They sold out of tasting tickets.

    This article from last year mentioned it doubling in size this year:

    However I haven't heard anything about it. I even tried tweeting at Ben Crandell (author of the above article) and Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (venue) about 2014. Heard nothing back from either.

    Maybe they'll do it later in the year. Or maybe their sponsor hormel didn't want to do it again. I believe they supplied all of the bacon used.

    1. The next bacon event is actually Nikki Beach hosts bacon bash on July 5.
      They claim to have over 50 Choices of bacon loveliness.

      Tickets are $25 before 2 p.m. or $35 after and available by clicking here.Note: The entry is for the event - music & DJ. From what I was able to gather the bacon choices of food and drinks are extra.

      Here's the link to purchase tickets

      1. Please mark your calendar as Fort Lauderdale's First Bacon Bash will take place on October 3, 2014. The proceeds will benefit Covenant House Florida and Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale Trust. Details to follow.

        1. Here's a NEW one... a long time away though!

          "Welcome to the Delray Beach Bacon & Bourbon Fest!"

          "Come join us March 28 & 29, 2015 for a culinary journey with a pig and a barrel in beautiful downtown Delray Beach."

          However, while I would like to love this event... I am frankly not crazy about other events from this organizing group... so... we shall see.