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Mar 31, 2014 06:33 PM

Anyone been to LaV?

It's our anniversary in a few weeks and I was thinking LaV. Anyone been? Looks great but it's so new.

We also haven't been to Congress or Jezebel, but I haven't heard much about either lately.

First post but I have lurked the boards for years. All you guys are great, I will start posting.

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  1. Went to the new Jezebel last Friday for the first time. It's VERY expensive, but it was a wonderful experience. Exceptional service and the food was very good and lovely to look at. It was exciting to wait and see what was coming next and hear the description. They don't have menus. You get interviewed for food preferences, allergies, etc. and then the courses just start coming!

    I've had appetizers at Second, but never eaten at Congress. Although I am a fan of David Bull and his food!

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    1. re: amykragan

      What was the bill like for 2 at Jezebel? Cost is always part of the equation but with not a whole lot to go on from their website, not sure if it's a $150 per person or $300 type of thing.

      Are wine pairings an option for each course?

      1. re: johndunn2

        It's $125 per person for the 5 courses and then another $125 for the wine pairing. You can order a bottle from the wine list, but only 1 bottle was under $100. They had several bottles in the 2-3K$ range. Way outta my league.

        1. re: amykragan

          yeah, we try and stay under five thousand dollars for most of our dinners + wine, especially during the week :-)

    2. I just received this:

      Maybe helpful regarding LaV.

      1. We ended up at LaV a few weekends ago. Overall a good dining experience and the inside is spectacular.

        The food was very good but I would still rank is behind Lenoir, Barley Swine and the like with a very similar price point.

        LaV is the type of restaurant you would take a client to or your parents or someone who wanted a more run of the mill type of dining experience vs Lenoir, as an example, where you are at a community table in a small renovated house and the food is a bit more adventurous.

        The food was very good and I enjoyed my meal but nothing was all that memorable. The only major qualm is the way the wine list is arranged. Yes, they have 1000+ bottles but I struggled to find something under $100 that looked interesting and fit with our meal. The ratio seemed very skewed to the $200-$300+ bottles which is fine but they could have thrown in a few more under $100. That could be part of what they are going for, I am sure they know their audience.

        It has only been open a few weeks and I am sure they are still finding their groove but overall, it was a very good meal and I would return but likely not until I have visited my other favorites or I have an occasion (ie: client meeting, in-laws) that warranted the vibe.

        I hope it's around for a long time and could see it being a cornerstone of E. 7th.

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        1. re: johndunn2

          i had a similar experience. the inside is gorgeous. i think the service is better at many other places for the price, too.

          the food was good enough to justify the price, i just didn't find anything about it especially interesting.

        2. Consider the Carillion, outstanding food really.

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          1. re: Rptrane

            Agreed. Great spot and have always had great meals there.

            1. re: johndunn2

              i think the two side by side carillion wins. laV is prettier but carillion is a better overall experience

              1. re: ieathereforeiam

                The tasting menu is very reasonably priced if I recall too.