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Mar 31, 2014 04:49 PM


We are going to be in yuma for several days next week and wonder if anyone has updates on the restaurant scene there. I've read past posts but none are very recent. Is Los Manjares de Pepe still highly recommended? Good Mexican, Italian or steakhouse all are appealing to us.

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  1. Los Manjares has declined somewhat since Pepe opened a branch restaurant out in Foothills. Nonetheless, chicken dishes like chicken taco salad, chicken enchiladas, boneless chicken plate, and wonderful Sinaloa chicken are still usually pretty good. In addition, Pepe’s special (pork in tomatillo sauce) and the Wednesday daily special (pork in chipotle sauce) are both good. Sometimes service is lacking, but prices are always low.
    Mar Azul is a good Mexican seafood house. Dishes like whole fish, filet of fish, campechana (mixed seafood) cocktail, tacos gobernador and the decent fish and shrimp tacos are good.
    Mi Rancho is pretty standard large Mexican restaurant, with outstanding salsa and a very wide menu including dishes like Birria de Chivo, Carne in su jugo, and barbecoa as well as more common dishes – generally prepared well with generally good service.
    Recently we’ve been eating fairly often at La Flor. It is very homestyle with a range of good Mexican soups – de pollo, pozole, albondigas, siete mares, de res. Also they have excellent green chile and the laaarrrge flour tortillas.

    Herraduras has a great cheese crisp and excellent chips and salsa. I also like the fish fillet in Ranchero sauce, the enchiladas and the potato tacos; the people are nice the decor is good for Yuma Mexican restaurant, but prices seem a little high for what you get.
    There is a taco truck culture thriving in Yuma these days. The newest and trendiest location for the trucks is on Pacific from 16th St. to 24th St. where there are a couple of clusters of trucks. I haven't been to all of them, but I have had a few good evenings trying one or the other. When the weather is nice, it is a true Yuma experience. On the other hand, my favorite local taco truck is in an empty lot with a couple of other trucks on Fortuna in Foothills, not far from Walgreens. My favorite is El Cositas in the back of the lot. The best fish tacos, shrimp tacos, and asada tacos in town. They also have vampiras, the taco/tostada cross with cheese and asada on a crunchy flat shell, and chipilones, asada, cheese, and roasted green chili on a regular tortilla.
    You do not want to eat Italian food in Yuma. Let me repeat: do not eat Italian food in Yuma. Consider yourself warned.
    For a steakhouse, my favorite by far is the oldest restaurant in town, Jack & Rosies, which dates back to the 1930s and is located in a residential area at 1551 W 5th St. It is like a trip back to the 50s with old-school music on the jukebox, and old-fashioned full bar, and tables with plastic tablecloths. The steaks are generally pretty tasty in a simple and straightforward way and considering that they come with soup, salad, and sides, they are reasonably priced. One warning, their steaks cooked rare are extremely rare.

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      Thank you Ed for such good tips. We'll definitely stay away from Italian! We are really looking forward to spending some time in your neck of the woods.

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        Hi Ed, I'm in Yuma for a business trip and went to El Cositas on based your recommendation and it was super yum even though I severely underestimated the spiciness of the pico de gallo! Probably my favorite was the chipilonas with shrimp. Unfortunately, the first two times I tried to go there, it wasn't open. The red building in the corner (La Botana?) which was pretty good too and conveniently open for lunch on Sundays. I also tried most of the tents in the lot near the hotels on Pacific. I think my favorite is Arianna's Cocina because they had some of the less common fillings (cabeza, lengua, tripa). Are there any other spots you'd recommend? (Especially anything more unusual?) Are there spots that specialize in seafood? (I'd like to bring a coworker along, but he does not eat red meat). Thanks!

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          I think the fish and shrimp tacos at El Cositas are the best in town. The chipilones with shrimp is something new to me. During the day, Juanitas on 8th near Ave A has good seafood coceteles and passable fish/shrimp tacos. there is a small truck on Ave B between 12th and 8th that does good seafood tacos, but is only open during the day. Also in that area on B is a place called (I think) Angry Ginger that I have not yet tried.

          The best Mexican seafood selection is Mariscos Mar Azul, which is a restaurant actually on 5th Ave at the back of a strip mall between 4th and 5th around 13th St.

          I also like the pupusas at Pupusas Maria at B and 8th.

          Truth be told, I haven't been to every truck open this winter, so if you find something interesting, be sure to post.