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Foodie Choices Near Glen Cove

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My husband and I moved to Sea Cliff from the city in 2008 and have a lot of trouble finding restaurants that are more than "ok" in the vicinity. Looking for new ideas and willing to travel 20 minutes or so. Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about MP Taverna right down in Roslyn village?

    Or Besito

    There's a ton of very good Indian over in Hicksville, just within the 20 minute limit, such as New Chilli & Curry:
    (go for dinner rather than lunch)

    1. it's been a while since we moved away but tom schaudel's restaurants used to be considered quite good. we used to like coolfish in syosset although i don't know if he's still associated with them.



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      1. re: davmar77

        Whenever I see his name I think "over sweetened, over hyped and overpriced.

        Used to like Coolfish.

        1. re: mcf

          So so disappointed he just bought Comtesse Therese out here in Aquebogue. A terrible thing to hear, what a downfall.

          His re-naming it The Petulant Wino doesn't help.

          1. re: coll

            Yeah, he had some really nice chef moments, but a lot of dreck in his wake, too. Condolences, I know you loved the place.

            1. re: mcf

              I had been just about to book Comtesse for our anniversary this month, but I will make do I guess. Not going there now, for sure!

      2. I'll echo Scott_R on the MP Taverna rec.

        On Glen Cove Rd just south of Northern Blvd. there is Golden Cove in Greenvale for good Chinese take out.

        Brass Rail in Locust Valley is sure to please.

        Andros Grill in Glen Cove for pizza my cousin says is the place.

        Heirloom Tavern in Glen Head gets high marks with Chowhounds.

        1. Salvatore's in Port Washington for excellent coal oven pizza.

          And there's Peter Luger's in Great Neck

          1. Bistro Citron in Roslyn, or Trattoria Diane. But I agree with advice to explore Hicksville, and to wait as long as it takes for a table at New Chilli and Curry there.

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              We've never been able to wait at New Chili and Curry, but won't give up! Love the onion soup at Bistro Citron!

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                If you get there before 6:30 or even 7, you have a shot at sitting right down. Closer to 6:30 guaranteed.

            2. Kyma in Roslyn has great Greek food, less pricey but noisier than Limani, which also has excellent food. Neither are in the ordinary Mediterranean menu mold. I second Heirloom Tavern at the Glen head LIRR stop.

              Travel a bit farther and check out La Piccola Liguria in Port Washington, the best resto in the area, IMHO.

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                Thanks for the information on Kyma - I am not a fan of Greek influenced food, but will keep it in mind. We did like La Piccola Liguria!

              2. I've got two little kids, so most of my info pertains to takeout, but here it goes:

                Humus World, Roslyn--Little hole in the wall, serving excellent shwarma, falafel and assorted Israeli food, including excellent home made humus.

                New Chili and Curry, Hicksville--I think enough people already wrote about this, but it's that good. I've never sat there, but most if not all of what I've ordered has stood up to delivery.

                Sripraphai, East Williston--This is just around the 20 minute mark (I live in Sea Cliff too), but is easily the best Thai food around.

                Sea Cliff Bistro--The little coffee shop on Sea Cliff Ave, which is only open Wed-Sun and closes around 4:30-5:00pm, has amazing soups and sandwiches. Chicken bahn mi sandwich is as good as any I've had and the chicken coconut soup is great. It is slow, and usually very crowded on weekends with parents/kids (including me and mine), but the food is excellent and the people are really nice.

                Lola, Great Neck--MIght be pushing 20 minutes, but by far the best restaurant I've been to in Long Island. I once splurged for the 7 or 8 course chef's menu and it was worth every penny.

                Musu, Sea Cliff--You probably know about this already if you live in SC, but the sushi is excellent, and I just tried the pork ramen last week and it was fantastic.

                Salvatore's, Port Washington--Someone already mentioned this.

                Razanno's, Glen Cove--Not a restaurant, but an amazing old-school Italian deli that makes heroes that can feed a family.

                And of course, the mutliple steak houses in Great Neck area.

                That's all I got, although I guess I'd throw in that the tex mex place (Cactus Cafe) makes a pretty good smoked pork burrito that I order way too often bc it's a 3 minute drive from my house and costs 8 bucks.

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                  Abu, can you divulge details, coordinates (and phone) of Sea Cliff Bistro? Sounds intriguing!Thanks.

                  1. re: emarcus

                    Thanks for the suggestions; I am familiar with many of them. emarcus, the Sea Cliff Bistro is on Sea Cliff Avenue, the tiny main street of Sea Cliff. The easiest way to get there is to take Glen Cove Rd. to the right hand exit that says Sea Cliff. Make a left at the Land Rover dealer and you will be on Sea Cliff Avenue; it's about 2 miles down, on the right.

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                        Very little info there--no address, phone... Have you been there? Seems up your alley.

                        1. re: emarcus

                          230 Sea Cliff Avenue. It's a small, local coffee shop, which happens to have great food, albeit a small menu. With extremely nice owners and staff. We're lucky to have it.
                          Am I biased because it's walkable from my house? I guess there's only one way to find out.
                          I would suggest a random weekday afternoon and if you go on a weekend, definitely the afternoon, as the mornings are pretty packed.

                          1. re: emarcus

                            Had the address right at top: 230 Sea Cliff Ave (Roslyn Ave), Sea Cliff, NY 11579

                            1. re: Scott_R

                              Thanks you guys! (Blind journalist here.) If anyone comes across a phone number, send it along? And apologies in advance if this makes its way into the papers...

                              1. re: emarcus

                                Is it possible they don't have a phone? See:
                                they are consistently one of the few businesses listed without a phone number.

                                And hey, saw this from a co-worker of yours:
                                see the comments
                                (I have no idea why I can sometimes see an article--when I tried to go back to the page the article it was blocked)

                                1. re: Scott_R

                                  Something tells me they don't want publicity (no marketing or even a phone number).

                    1. And I also liked MP Taverna in Roslyn, as suggested by others.

                      1. La Bussola - old school Italian in Glen Cove

                        1. Any good things at abeetza next door in Greenvale? the website looks appetizing enough...

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                            I've read good things, have not made it there yet. You go, tell us. :-)

                          2. Sjay - Where have you been that you enjoyed?

                            I'll join the others with a recommendation for Salvatore's Cole Oven in Port Washington. We just had an excellent eggplant parm appetizer and a mushroom pie there the other day. It’s a small restaurant so we usually try to go on off hours to avoid long waits.
                            Also in Port Washington, but only open during summer months, is Butler’s Flat, a clam shack at Brewer’s Marina overlooking Manhasset Bay. The food is great and the view is even better. They should be open again before Memorial Day. https://www.facebook.com/ButlersFlat
                            Hickory’s is a hole in the wall bbq and burger place in Port. I usually get takeout from there when I have decided that I’ll be embarking on a diet the next day. I love their fries.
                            It’s been some time since I’ve been to Bistro Citron in Roslyn, but I have always enjoyed my meals there.
                            Same for Sarin Thai in Greenvale - it has put out reliably good food over the years.
                            My aunties take me to their favorite, Jolly Fisherman, in Roslyn a few times a year and I like the food. I know it is scorned by many but my experience has been consistently good. The dining rooms can get loud so we usually eat at a table in the bar.
                            And a few more that others have mentioned:
                            Besito for Mexican in Roslyn
                            Brass Rail in Locust Valley
                            New Chili & Curry in Hicksville

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                            1. re: EM23

                              I enjoy Brass Rail and now Heirloom Tavern, in Glen Head - they both have the kind of food I am usually looking for. Unfortunately, it is hard to get a table at either without a lot of advance planning. I love Kiraku for sushi, and appreciate that they take reservations. Grimaldi's in Sea Cliff is our place for coal oven pizza - we are there at least once a week. I was not really impressed by Besito - we felt like they were pushing drinks more than food. The food was ok, but the waiter lost interest when we told him that neither of us liked Tequila!

                              We venture to Northern Manor in Little Neck for dim sum pretty regularly. For steak, I love Bryant and Cooper.

                              I guess I am looking for more good New American places - Danny Meyer or Telepan in the suburbs? Or a really good place for breakfast/brunch that is not a diner (or out in Smithtown, like Maureen's) -

                              1. re: sjay

                                New American: Market Bistro in Jericho (just north of Whole Foods) is probably as close to Meyer / Telepan you're going to get in Nassau County.

                                1. re: sjay

                                  I'll second emarcus on the Market Bistro suggestion, may take some "advance planning", but may be worth it.

                                  For Breakfast and Brunch, since GLYHOP and The Hideaway are no longer, a trip to Maureen's may be one of only two choices. About a 30 minute drive south will bring you to the downtown area of Bellmore Village where you will find a Breakfast / Brunch spot called Morning Rose Café. Worth the trip for sure.

                                  1. re: Gastronomos

                                    I've been there often for lunch when it's quiet, and not had problems getting reservations for dinner without much lead time. Really like the food and the vibe.