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Mar 31, 2014 03:46 PM

Foodie Choices Near Glen Cove

My husband and I moved to Sea Cliff from the city in 2008 and have a lot of trouble finding restaurants that are more than "ok" in the vicinity. Looking for new ideas and willing to travel 20 minutes or so. Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about MP Taverna right down in Roslyn village?

    Or Besito

    There's a ton of very good Indian over in Hicksville, just within the 20 minute limit, such as New Chilli & Curry:
    (go for dinner rather than lunch)

    1. it's been a while since we moved away but tom schaudel's restaurants used to be considered quite good. we used to like coolfish in syosset although i don't know if he's still associated with them.

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      1. re: davmar77

        Whenever I see his name I think "over sweetened, over hyped and overpriced.

        Used to like Coolfish.

        1. re: mcf

          So so disappointed he just bought Comtesse Therese out here in Aquebogue. A terrible thing to hear, what a downfall.

          His re-naming it The Petulant Wino doesn't help.

          1. re: coll

            Yeah, he had some really nice chef moments, but a lot of dreck in his wake, too. Condolences, I know you loved the place.

            1. re: mcf

              I had been just about to book Comtesse for our anniversary this month, but I will make do I guess. Not going there now, for sure!

              1. re: coll

                Well here it is a year later and I decided to check out the Petulant Wino this time around, since all the reviews I've read since are raves. All I can say is I was wrong! We fell in love with this restaurant immediately and will definitely return.

                And this, despite the fact I found out just before we went that they were participating in Restaurant Week, which usually dampens most culinary brilliance....not this time, we loved the food but also the ambience and the staff; can't wait to try them again with their normal menu!

      2. I'll echo Scott_R on the MP Taverna rec.

        On Glen Cove Rd just south of Northern Blvd. there is Golden Cove in Greenvale for good Chinese take out.

        Brass Rail in Locust Valley is sure to please.

        Andros Grill in Glen Cove for pizza my cousin says is the place.

        Heirloom Tavern in Glen Head gets high marks with Chowhounds.

        1. Salvatore's in Port Washington for excellent coal oven pizza.

          And there's Peter Luger's in Great Neck

          1. Bistro Citron in Roslyn, or Trattoria Diane. But I agree with advice to explore Hicksville, and to wait as long as it takes for a table at New Chilli and Curry there.

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            1. re: mcf

              We've never been able to wait at New Chili and Curry, but won't give up! Love the onion soup at Bistro Citron!

              1. re: sjay

                If you get there before 6:30 or even 7, you have a shot at sitting right down. Closer to 6:30 guaranteed.