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Mar 31, 2014 03:32 PM

Establishments Offering KFP Foods

What bakeries and takeaway stores will be available for Pesach? And restaurants, too?

Pomegranate, Fischer Brothers and Leslie, and Park East will have prepared foods, to the best of my knowledge.

Butterflake Bakery in Teaneck has KFP items, including hot dog and hamburger rolls.

Talia's, Mendy's, My Most Favorite Dessert Company, Prime Grill, Abigael's, and Mr. Broadway will be offering food on Pesach.

Anyone know of other such establishments?

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  1. Crawford's in Brooklyn is open for Passover.

    1. Susan Sez Say It With Cake bakery. artisanal Manhattan bakery, delivers to a wide area. online order form. Its very good, the almond horns in particular are wonderful.

      1. Tractarian - try to remember to write "New York" in the header of geographically limited posts. As a courtesy.

        1. From the OU Passover Guide:


          Mendy’s Rockefeller Center
          37 West 48th Street
          New York, NY

          61 East 34th Street
          New York, NY

          Le Marais
          150 West 46th St btw. 6th & 7th Avenue
          New York, NY

          Mr. Broadway
          1372 Broadway btw. 37th & 38th Street
          New York, NY

          Prime Grill Restaurant
          25 West 56th Street
          New York, NY

          Taam Tov
          41 West 47th Street btw. 5th & 6th Avenue, 3rd flr
          New York, NY

          1. I also should add Kosher Marketplace to the list, as well as House of Glatt, and Aaron's Gourmet.