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Mar 31, 2014 03:24 PM

New York Kimchi (Midtown West)

Looks like the brainchild of JiSung Yoo (of KumGangSan) has finally opened on 48th (between 5th/6th).

Yes, New York Kimchi serves its namesake kimchi, in all sorts and fashions from prepackaged jars to mandoo to noodle dishes to the obligatory kimchi fried rice to free samples galore.

They even have a wall display case section dedicated to the how's and why's of kimchi history and creation.

Then there's the free samples -- everything from mochi (or Korean rice cakes), to juice to kimchi.

I had some Mandoo (ok, decent skin, sort of bland filling) and a rice bowl (a faux Bibimbap) which could've used a bit more seasoning. Lots of leftovers of both dishes. Needless to say.

Best part of the meal was probably their proprietary yogurt, which is non-dairy based and made with the same probiotic fermentation process used in the kimchi.

All and all, it was ok, a bit pricey even for Midtown given the quality.

They do have Korean burgers and cheesesteaks, maybe next time ...

New York Kimchi
16 W 48th St
(212) 335-0212

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  1. Thanks; will check it out sometime.

    Slightly off-topic, but has anyone tried the newish buffet inside KumGangSan on 32nd? It's a Manhattan outpost of Janchi Janchi, the takeout-catering business that the owners run in Flushing—and an answer to WooRiJip, with takeout stuff, steam table plus sushi/kimbap counter. Here's a brief from Midtown Lunch ...

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    1. re: squid kun

      I noticed Janchi Janchi this evening. Maybe the steam table is more lunch-oriented, as some of the items looked like they had been there for a while, but the variety looked very appealing. Too bad I don't work in the area. And they had some soups that I haven't seen before, such as red bean soup, at about $5.99/lb if I remember correctly.

      As for New York Kimchi on 48th -- if the proprietary yogurt isn't dairy-based, then is it soy-milk-based? Almond milk? Rice milk?

      1. re: Ike

        If Janchi Janchi doesn't have its act together, it'll get its ass handed to it by Woorijip.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          A discerning food-crazed friend who works in the area tells me that Janchi Janchi is GREAT for lunch, and very fresh. I guess it's just dinner for which the steam table gets less attention, thus leaving somee items looking a little wan.

          Maybe on my next day off, I will try to venture over there for lunch and then report back. If any of you try it for lunch, let me know how it is. Meanwhile, for dinner, my fresh Korean steam table option remains Woorijip. (Or if I want Thai steam table, the great new Khao Kang in Queens -- but that's for another board! Then there's that African steam table cabbie joint on 26th near 7th, if it's still there....)

    2. hmm interesting, i hadn't even heard of the place until i read this

      looks like more a lunch place from the pics on yelp?

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      1. re: Lau

        The downstairs room is open for dinner with a something-for-everyone Korean menu; looked like a slight Midtown premium in prices.

        1. re: squid kun

          yah im sort interested although its kind of far from me

          1. re: Lau


            Definitely DO NOT go out of your way for this place.

            Next time you hit up MoMA or do some shopping on 5th, or maybe even stroll along CPS, then feel free to take a gander at this place.

            But otherwise, your world will not be any less fulfilling if you never ever step foot in this joint.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              haha i was looking thru the pics again and was getting that impression

              ive been going through the korean section of flushing, thats going to take me a long time anyhow. i have a pretty one im writing up right now