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Mar 31, 2014 03:20 PM

LEG OF LAMB - Home Cooking Dish of the Month for April 2014

Welcome to April DOTM!

Four dishes were up for voting this month and three were tied with eight votes each. I do not vote not only because one can't recommend ones own post but mainly just in case of a tie. I have not seen it three ways yet! Since I already bought a leg of lamb in anticipation and April is probably the best month to cook it, this will be our dish of the month for April: leg of lamb.

I can't wait to see what dishes will come out of our kitchens :)

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, it was a pleasure to coordinate this thread and now is time to hand the reins back to L. Nightshade.

Happy cooking everyone!

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  1. Just saw this thread in the Home Cooking board list. Now THIS is a Home Cooking Dish of the Month that I can get behind!

    1. thank you for your hard work

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        It was my pleasure! Hope you will participate, jpr54_1.

      2. Can't wait and I think I can do this while my Husband is in town from traveling back from work,

        We did do a leg of lamb 3 years ago. My husband smoked it and we let our little miniature pinscher play around with the bone for a bit. She was mad when I took it away,

        1. Lamb Leg Steak with Greek Tomato Sauce and Feta from Solo Suppers by Joyce Goldstein

          Since I live alone I can't cook the whole leg and so I cut it in four portions - two went into the freezer, one is marinating in the fridge for cooking tomorrow or the day after and the fourth, smallish portion, is becoming the steak. The recipe calls for broiling but I pan fried lamb after marinating at room temperature in oil, S&P, oregano and cinnamon. While the lamb was marinating I made tomato sauce by frying shallot in olive oil; added oregano, cinnamon, garlic and fried another minute. Deglazed with vermouth, added tomato sauce (from a jar) and a touch of honey. Let it mingle for a few minutes and served atop of steak sprinkled with feta crumbs and a bit of parsley. Delicious :)

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            this is a great idea! for single families. It's just my husband and I and he is out of the country working but returns april 11th. and I plan on sharing some of this with family.

            I love the feta idea

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                It was and leftovers will be good for work lunch tomorrow with quinoa/chickpeas salad that I made yesterday :)

              2. re: herby

                what were ingredients in your marinade?

                i also live alone-how did you divide up the leg of lamb?

                1. re: jpr54_1

                  It was a 4-lb boned leg from Costco. I opened it up and cut it in half across the length and then the fat part into two pieces - just over a pound each. The remainder I cut in slightly unequal halves - just over a pound one and 3/4 pounds the other. I froze the first two individually, marinated the larger one in yoghurt-based marinade cooked the smaller one as described above. I actually cut into three 1/2-inch thick "steaks" and had it between two meals.

                  Marinade: 2t olive oil, pinch cinnamon, 1/2t oregano, S&P. Marinate while you make the sauce:
                  2T olive oil (I used maybe 1T or less)
                  1/2 onion, chopped (shallot)
                  1t minced garlic
                  1/2t cinnamon
                  1t oregano
                  2/3C tomato sauce
                  1/4C wine (vermouth)
                  Honey, to taste (maybe 1t or a bit more)

                  Cook the sauce for about 10min for the flavours to marry. JS suggests broiling the lamb but I just pan fried in very hot cast iron pan.

                  Hope you make it and like it as much as I did :)

                  1. re: herby

                    thanx for your explanation and recipe-I will definitely try this

              3. DH and I don't eat Lamb, so won't be participating in this month's DOTM. :)

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                  We'll miss you! Hopefully next month will be more to your taste.