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Mar 31, 2014 02:27 PM

Restaurant near Barbara B Mann Theater Ft Myers

We are going to a 7:30 performance at the BBMann theater. What are some good restaurants nearby? Thanks

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  1. There is a Greek restaurant called Nomiki's Plakka in a minimall not far away at 12901-3 McGregor Blvd. Get the lemon-chicken soup to start -- really topnotch. I had the pork souvlaki as my entree, two skewers of nicely grilled small chunks which were tender and satisfying with the rice and accompaniments.

    Further away but doable is Reuben's, which has spectacular brisket and really good ribs.

    1. Ribs and Brisket.... how could I refuse that. However, I think my wife would opt for the Souvlaki. Many thanks.

      1. Directly across the street from the BBM is University Grill. Moderately priced and very friendly staff.

        At the Bell Tower Mall, Blue Pointe Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill is consistently great food. Try the crab cakes, but they also serve a great steak.