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Mar 31, 2014 02:27 PM

Can canned crescent rolls be prepped ahead of time?

Hi there,

I'm planning on making some turkey/cheese stuffed crescent rolls using crescent roll dough from a can (tube?), but I'd like to prep them ahead of time so I can just pop them in the oven when my guests come over. If i open the dough ahead of time and stuff them with meat/cheese, will they be OK in the fridge for a couple hours or is it best to cook immediately? I don't work with dough a lot but I know it can be finicky.

Side note- if anyone else has a 5 ingredient or less SUPER SIMPLE recipe that can be prepped in less than 20 minutes, refrigerated for 2 hours and popped in the oven, I'll take any suggestions! (this would be to replace the crescent rolls) Was going to pair the crescents with a soup and salad.Thanks!

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  1. It will be fine. Roll up, wrap up with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
    Pre heat oven, slice, arrange on sheet and bake.
    For the turkey/cheese combo, add some dijon (or other mustard), a bit of mayo and craisins.

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      Thank you! Love the suggestion about craisins!

      1. re: mrsjagirard

        oh, dear, not everybody likes hot mayo. and then mixed with craisins? :0

        i'd stick with just the mustard and perhaps offer some other condiments on the side? like cornichons, a cranberry chutney and a dill mayo.

        these will be totally fine prepped ahead.

        you can also use real bread, assemble with your meat/cheese, butter each outside slice, cut into squares or shapes and bake those off when your guests arrive.

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          I appreciate everyone's opinion; it's nice to read different thoughts on the same subject. So thank you!

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            heated mayo in this case is not perceived as mayo, as it just seems like oil, in my opinion. it isn't like a dip made with the mayo.

            note to OP, i've seen a good looking recipe on pinterest for "party ham and cheese" rolls. http://www.the-girl-who-ate-everythin...

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              Many dips and casseroles served hot, are made with mayo, which at the end of the day, is oil and eggs.
              I make a "mayo chicken" which is just Kraft's simple recipe of slathering mayo on chicken breast and topping with herbs, cheese and bread crumbs.
              My husband raves over this stupid simple meal!

      2. It will definitely be fine. I "pre-roll" pigs in blankets in crescent roll dough all the time so I can pop them in the oven right when guests arrive. (So easy, and so not good for you, and they're the first thing to go at every party.)

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            Doubt it. A few hours, like 4max, fine but will likely make the dough too wet overnight.

        1. I make ham & cheese stuffed crescent rolls for my kids often- kind of like a homemade (cheater) hot pocket. You can even prep, then freeze them. I've stuck them in the fridge too, they'll be fine

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            Are you sure you can freeze the uncooked dough? I did that with canned biscuit dough and they were flat grey hockey pucks when I thawed them.

            1. re: suzigirl

              I popped them in the oven frozen. Seemed to turn out fine, although 14 & 12 year old active boys don't tend to have discriminating taste. ( I've also made pigs in the blanket with them that went freezer to oven) They too, seemed to puff up fine. But again,my boys are like Hoover vacuums of the eating world, especially post soccer games :)

          2. It will work fine!
            You could also do a tortilla roll up...which holds nicely.

            1. Can they be rolled up and refrigerated over night before cooking?