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Mar 31, 2014 02:05 PM

ISO dollar stores that sell fresh, chilled, and/or frozen foods

I live in the area circumscribed by Routes 128, 3, 93, and 495. There are any number of chain dollar stores, "Lot" stores, etc., but I have yet to happen upon any that have fresh, refrigerated, or frozen food items.
From what I've read on topical boards, many people shop at such places. Do we have any in this region?

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  1. Many "Dollar Tree" stores (the one on the Salem/Methuen border; the one in Salem NH proper) have a small refrigerated/freezer section. Dollar General (fewer stores, but they're starting to infiltrate the area) have like sections, as do some Family Dollar stores (but those aren't truly "dollar" stores). None of the stores that I know of have fresh produce; some sell poor quality bread.

    1. have never seen fresh produce at any of the dollar stores. The Dollar Tree in Saugus (across from Target/ Ocean Sate) does have a frozen food section, but never really noticed what was available!

      1. Your best bet is probably Aldi, in Everett. Not really a 'dollar' store, per se, but they have crazily inexpensive fresh, refrigerated, and frozen foods. YMMV of course.

        1. I live on the south shore and I have not seen any fresh produce in the $ stores. I do remember one in Weymouth? Quincy? that had a refrigerated case in the back but IIRC it was just sodas, monster drinks, waters, etc. However I fully admit I usually only shop them for the various holidays to get things like Easter basket and Christmas stocking stuffers, party favors, containers for homemade food gifts like metal tins, themed take out containers, glass bottles etc so they are not on my regular rotation.