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Mar 31, 2014 01:16 PM

Graduation Dinner in May for a vegetarian

We have been to Green Zebra many times and like it but want a change. Somewhere downtown or in the city would be nice and not exclusively vegetarian. Just somewhere that offers more than a plate of steamed vegetables for the College
graduate. Thanks

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  1. Rick Bayless' restaurants have vegetarian offerings and also will accommodate

    1. In 2014 in Downtown Chicago, vegetarian options have progressed beyond a plate of steamed vegetables. Depending on "how vegetarian?" there can be many choices or just a few, depending on the restaurant, but most places do make an effort.

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      1. I agree with ferret that virtually every restaurant beyond a "hole in the wall" (and many of them too), have at least a few appealing vegetarian options. Is there any particular kind of cuisine -- in terms of ethnicity, eg -- that either the graduate or other guests would prefer? I.e., help us narrow the options a bit and we can suggest restos wthin that genre that are vegetarian friendly/accommodating.

        1. We are pretty open regarding ethnicity. The graduate likes Indian, Italian & Thai and others. Since this is a momentous occasion it would be nice to have a fitting environment. There are so many new places in the city that we are not familiar with. I guess the question is: Where would you take a new graduate to celebrate?

          1. What neighborhoods would be most convenient to the graduate and his/her friends, and/or any visitors from out of town who are coming? Chicago is a big city and surely you don't want to travel more than you have to.

            For example, Italian generally has good vegetarian offerings, so depending on neighborhood, I might be recommending Piccolo Sogno / Piccolo Sogno Due or the Florentine or Café Spiaggia in the downtown area, Anteprima in Andersonville, or Campagnola in Evanston if folks are coming from as far north as Rogers Park.

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              We are in the burbs and the grad attends a college in the downtown area. We have no problem with driving anywhere. Happy to get out of the 'burbs, to be perfectly honest.

              Just had a nice dinner at Anteprima a few days ago. I have heard quite nice things about Piccolo Sogno so perhaps that is an idea. Also, Ricardos Trattoria was mentioned by someone.

              Thanks for your suggestions.