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Mar 31, 2014 01:07 PM

Restaurant Club Suggestions

Greetings! I am part of a Restaurant Club of about 15 ladies and we dine somewhere fun and new (to us) every month. About 10 people per month. We love all kinds of food and trying new things. Price isn't an issue, although we are not going for the tasting menu at LBV. We typically try the hot new spots, but that's not a requirement. Some recent examples:The Kenwood, Victory 44, Burch, Marin. George and the Dragon, Rincon 38, Smack Shack. It's my turn to pick! Thoughts on Terzo Vino Bar??? I'm not a HUGE Broder's fan like most, but I've heard great things about Terzo. Any other suggestions? Going mid-April.

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  1. Terzo is great. The small plates are good for sharing, and you can each order your own thing, if you'd like. The wine list is 100% Italian, and if you are struggling with identifying some of the wines, the staff are very helpful.

    But Terzo is also small, and does not take reservations. Your group would do best to show up when the doors open on a weeknight.

    I think you group would like Lynn on Bryant.

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      1. Have you thought about The Rookery (the bar/casual side of Travail)? I haven't been, but it seems right up your alley, with super-creative small plates and, by all reports, a really fun and lively atmosphere.

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          I love The Rookery.

          It is fun and lively and bordering on rowdy at times. And the music is very loud. You probably won't be able to converse very well with anyone other the person sitting beside you.

          They do not take reservations. They have several tables for 10 but you could wait a while if you all want to sit together.

        2. I was just at Broder's deli the other day and their news blackboard says that Terzo now DOES take reservations, which is great! So many small places are hard to get into with a group. I'm looking forward to going this weekend myself!