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Mar 31, 2014 12:42 PM

Any experience with these LG French door refrigerators?

I'm just starting my quest for a new fridge... does anyone have either of these LG models? Specifically, these are the ones with two freezer drawers instead of one big one. This strategy seems better for us to keep the freezer from turning into the Black Pit of Despair, which is my big fear for a freezer with drawers instead of shelves. - 33" width - 36" width


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  1. I just bought a new Samsung that was delivered yesterday. I wanted an LG but they were out of my price range. Each of my two brothers have LG's and they love them. One has a bottom freezer with a regular door, the other a pull out. Neither have the 4 door you are looking at, but they're not complaining about the black hole. This is my first fridge with the black hole and I am not really thrilled how things get piled on top of each other in the bottom tub, but I didn't really have much of a choice.

    I don't know about you but it seemed like all new fridge brands have tons of complaints whenever I looked at reviews and the Consumer Affairs website.

    Just FYI:

    Edited to add: the LG's require a special water line installation kit to hook up to your water (even if you have an existing line there) and the filter has to be changed 2x a year at $50.00 a piece.

    1. Every single-drawer freezer I've seen has an internal upper drawer, so it's not like you're dumping food into a well.

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        Yeah i have a GE Profile French Door with the bottom drawer freezer. It has two internal drawers. No problem with stuff getting lost ('cause it's really not all that big ;) )

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          Oh mine does too. Have the top drawer and bottom basket (what I called the black hole), I mean. But that bottom basket is alot deeper, and almost sold plastic, as opposed to my old freezer with the top shelf and wire bottom basket. It holds more but you can't see what's on the bottom if it's full. There's much more shifting of bags of frozen vegetables than there used to be.

        2. I've got one of the first LG French door fridges that was offered here in USA. It has an ice maker, but no built-in filter (we installed an inline model, easy peasy) and no door dispensers. No water at all.

          It's still going strong after 9 years. I do agree with Jerseygirl111, sometimes ours is a bit of a black hole. Still, 14 month old beef tenderloin steaks make excellent stir fry. Just trim off any freezer burn first. We had it last night and it was yummy! :)

          Word of advice, if you choose a model with the wide deli drawer where the lid opens upward, do not close it by pushing down on that lid. It will close it, but my BIL broke his by doing that. We push the drawer in, works perfectly so far.

          1. Thanks, all - I appreciate your input! Buying a fridge is a bit overwhelming, as is the potential switch from a side-by-side. Fortunately our old one is fixable (the water line to the icemaker decided to leak and so everything was covered with a sheet of ice) so we've got some time to do our research and decide...

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              Side by Sides do not compare to the French Door Models.
              You get much more useable space with out the vertical Divider.
              I got a LG LFX28978 4-5 years ago and I would never go back to either of the traditional Refrigerator set ups.