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Mar 31, 2014 11:24 AM

Italian Restaurant Garfield/Lodi Area?

I'm always looking for a good Italian restaurant in Bergen county. Doing a yelp search I saw there a few in these areas. La Riviera Gastronomia, Mezzanote, Sergio's Bistro, La Cambusa. Any feedback?

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    1. Gelone in Lyndhurst was a very pleasant surprise...old school as expected, but interesting menu snd the food was well-executed. I'm recalling house-made focaccia, baby octopus...

      1. Angelo's in Lyndhurst was quite good, and reasonably priced, considering the quality. Paisan's up the street in Rutherford I also thought was very good. I've always liked Barcelona's in Garfield, a really colorful, old style Italian eatery (and it's certainly not "high end" either) that looks like its been around for 70 years or so. Sort of like an Italian Rutt's Hutt; a neighborhood institution that serves simple, basic food for not a ton of money, and loads of atmosphere.

        1. skip goodfellas in saddle brook,do yourself a favor

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            Is Goodfellas not any good? I've never eaten there, but have passed by it frequently, and have heard some positive word-of-mouth "reviews." One guy I used to work with lived in the area, and said it was very good, but that you paid for what you got. Then again, I didn't know the guy all that well, and am not sure that his taste in restaurants coincides with mine. I believe the owner, a guy named Conte, had a bit part in the movie "Goodfellas" and now there's a billboard outside the restaurant advertising the fact that actor Frank Vincent (of "The Sopranos," "Casino," "Raging Bull," etc.) eats there regularly, and the billboard features a photograph of Vincent standing with Conte. Then again, there's a hole-in-the-wall deli in Piscataway that features a signed photograph of Frank Vincent on the wall, claiming he's a regular patron, and if that hole-in-the-wall deli is any indication of where his tastes lie, it doesn't speak well for the high-priced restaurant Goodfellas. And, speaking as a non-Italian, isn't there something insulting about equating an Italian restaurant (and, by extension, Italians) with the Mafia stereotype? Why not name it "Godfather's" (oh, wait...that's already been done!) Or am I being overly sensitive? I do remember in New Paltz, NY, there used to be a restaurant named "Bugsy's" that featured imagery of real-life gangster Bugsy Siegel. I never ate there, and I think it folded pretty fast. Maybe the gangster-restaurant connection is the coming thing. Then again, considering how long "Bugsy's" lasted, maybe not.