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Mar 31, 2014 10:50 AM

Anniversary Dinner for Parents

Hey all - was searching the forums and haven't found anything really specific, or perhaps am just looking for some more opinions.

It's my parents 40th wedding anniversary and looking for a reservation for 12 people on a Saturday night in May. Cost isn't really an issue, I think the key thing is people are ok spending $100-$150 a head so long as they don't feel ripped off.

A few places I had thought would be Chiado, Splendido and Mistura - mainly because they all have private rooms, but that isn't an absolute must (but likely something helpful).

Any other suggestions or are those really the best bets?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. For something special, drive to 'Treadwell' in NOTL!!. They have a gorgeous private room for special function like yours.
    Contact James Treadwell and request a special tasting menu be designed by Stephen Treadwell. Wine pairing if needed. Great service and 'Consistently' Great food!
    If weather is fine, I'm sure you all will have a great time!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      The "drive" and "wine pairings" may be a problem...

      I'm less crazy over Mistura and Chiado, but Splendido is a great choice. Nota Bene would be a nice option as well. I guess Scaramouche and Buca as well.

      Given that it's a 40th anniversary, I assume that quieter is better than louder, and traditional is better than hip, but I should give a shout out to the Oyster Shack at Hopgoods which is as much fun as you can have in a private room (fridge loaded with wine, great food, LP player). The seats may not be comfortable enough for an older group, however.

      1. re: BigBabyYeezuS

        Thanks for the recs on Scaramouche and Buca. What is the hesitation on Chiado and Mistura? Is it the food quality or ambiance or something else?

        Will look into Hopgoods, but agree that something a touch quieter (not dead, lively and energetic but not raucous) is the ideal venue.