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Mar 31, 2014 10:44 AM

Blue Water Seafood in Red Bank is closed

Passed by here last Sunday and saw a sign on the door that said temporarily closed. Yelp has also confirmed that they have closed. Judging from the comments posted on their Facebook page it looks like they have been closed since Valentines Day..

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  1. They say it comes in 3's, Murphy's, Biagio now this.

    1. Maybe it was the money they had to pay to block off that whole strip of broad street for their valet parking that did them in.

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      1. re: hcentro

        The valet comes from the town, and was pushed by Char when they opened. They had nothing to do with it.

        JR- its 4's... dont forget boardwalk burgers. I can think of at least two more who are close as well.

        Lets hope that new businesses keep upping the ante on what was previously in Red Bank. Via has forced some o the Italian places to serve fresher/innovate food, Dish the same thing. Antoinette Boulangere has forced some of the other dessert places to reinvent themselves. Hopefully new places continue to build on what the food anchors in RB are doing