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Mar 31, 2014 10:37 AM

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal recommendations [London]

We have made reservation for lunch at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal next week, and wondering what are the "must" order dishes? At the moment we only have two dishes on our list: Meat Fruit and Tipsy Cake. We would also be interested to hear what do people think of their set lunch?

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Rice and Flesh was amazing. Avoid the cauliflower main course.

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    1. re: Foxeyblue

      Thank you your reply. What would you recommend for main course?


    2. They are a lot more conventional, so go for the meat you like best. We couldn't complain about the rib-eye. Looks like they might have taken the cauliflower dish off the menu, which is smart of them. The tipsy cake is very nice indeed.

      1. Wanted to bump this up because we're visiting this restaurant next week. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

        Also, any dessert recommendations for someone allergic to gluten (my wife is celiac)? For her the Tipsy Cake, Brown Bread Ice Cream, British Cheese (has oat cakes) and Apple Tart are probably off limits, so any suggestions for the best of the rest?

        Thanks! Should be a great week of gluttony for the willyums ... Dinner by HB on Monday, Ledbury on Tuesday, Fat Duck on Wednesday, Hedone on Thursday.

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          I would be surprised if they couldn't serve the cheese with gluten free breads/crackers. Maybe the famed roast pineapple - no not with the cheese....!

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            It's all pretty good. You already know about the meat fruit. I enjoyed the pork chop quite a bit. The liquid nitrogen ice cream is entertaining to see and may be worth it for that, but the flavour is just good.

            By the way, my wife tries to avoid gluten and they were able to provide gluten-free bread for her. Nowhere near as good as their own baked bread, but it's available.