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Seafood Cafe in Horsham, PA

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Anyone been to this new seafood restaurant in Horsham? I'm interested to hear whether it's any good ....

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  1. I just took a job in Horsham, so I'll be interested to hear if you get any responses.

    1. I just looked at Yelp since they don't appear to have a website (that I can find). They are not open Saturday or Sunday.

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        A new restaurant closed on weekends is a death wish. Somebody at the helm does not understand the trade. I'll be curious to hear about their fare.

      2. Low price seafood sounds bad to me. Incredible value? On Chowhound I'm looking for the best foodie insights, not supermarket-esque exhortations.

        1. The fake Yelp reviews are a big turnoff.

          1. Went for an early dinner this evening. It's BYOB,and complimentary glass of house wine if you wish. Prices are very reasonable. My broiled scallops with sautéed spinach were good. Husband enjoyed his crab cake and loved the cole slaw. Bread was good with a nice chew, but only 2 slices... We didn't have dessert.

            1. Yes we went there about a week ago very friendly. Food was very good and there was quite a bit they did not skimp.We received a complimentary glass of wine also.Prices were fair. My only concern is they are not open on weekends.But we will go back.