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Mar 31, 2014 10:31 AM

My Hero Deli - N. Bellmore / N. Merrick

Just a note for those that are into deli sandwiches and the like.

This North Bellmore / North Merrick Deli has been around for many years. The line at lunch is long. The food is really, Really, REALLY good.

Not fancy. Just a good deli with good food. There is seating available.

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  1. i was getting takeout from Thai Chef a couple of doors down from My Hero on saturday night. I've never really paid attention to My Hero before but i noticed that at approximately 6:30 or so on a Saturday night that they had a long line inside. I was shocked to see that. I looked at the menu on My Hero's website, and nothing looks that interesting or different than any other regular deli. I told my wife we have to give it a try, but what am i missing, what is so special here? How is it different than any other deli making quality sandwiches.

    By the way, if anybody cares, I really enjoy most items i've had at Thai Chef. Sometimes the spice level is off, and sometimes the flavors aren't consistent on the same dish that i've had multiple times.

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      You aren't missing much if you have a deli "making quality sandwiches" where you are. But don't be too shocked. They do have a very faithful and large following. And they are open way past the usual corner deli that serves morning and noon hours only.

      My Hero isn't a destination restaurant. It's a very good deli making very good food. Nothing out of the ordinary except that they make it delicious. All the good stuff made in house. If a Chowhound finds themselves in the area and wants a good deli sandwich, hot or cold, I would point them in the direction of My Hero.

      The prices are cheap for the quality they offer. The portions proper. The taste fantastic.
      I even like the bread they use for their sandwiches as well. It's not artisanal hippie bread. It's just a plain old sandwich roll that tastes good. and these days that's a lot to say.

      Give them a try with your wife as you say and report back. Maybe try a few different things over the course of time and then report back about your findings.

      OH! and thanks for the Thai Chef report. I've been looking for something else since Onzon went down hill and Thai Station started doing weird things to their food.


      1. re: Gastronomos

        i like Figarelly's in East Meadow quite a bit but i will be trying My Hero.

        on saturday we had the Nam Sod salad which was the first time we had that dish and was ultra tasty, the Pad thai(which is something i normally avoid at most thai restaurants but can't get enough of here when they cook it spot on) and Beef with Green Curry. What an awesome Green Curry sauce.