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Mar 31, 2014 09:36 AM

Taco Bell breakfast

I found myself unexpectedly in need of breakfast within walking distance today and was grateful that the bell now does breakfast. Any port in a storm I was thinking but I was pleasantly surprised.
They had hot fresh coffee! I got hashbrowns as did my friend. He had the a.m. grilled breakfast taco. It was not bad. We shared the waffle taco as well with sausage and I ended up with an a.m. crunch wrap, The one with the hashbrowns inside. This was my favorite sandwich and another customer was commenting on it while I was there. We both liked the light sauce on it with a slight kick.
The cinnabon delights were pure evil as expected. I'm glad that you can just get two. I could hear Super Taster in my head saying I can't believe I'm eating this junk as I savored every bite. Well two bites as the cinnabons are mercifully small.
Service and atmosphere were first rate at the Montgomeryville Pa location where the manager ran her store with cheerful authority. Couldn't help thinking that maybe this was Captain Janeway on her second career.

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  1. I tried a few of the breakfast offerings last week when they were previewing the new menu. I tried the waffle taco, breakfast steak burrito and hash browns.

    I wasn't too impressed with the waffle taco. Good idea, but the whole package taken together was not all that good. The waffle was soggy, as you might expect, and the filling was very generic, kind of like a motel steam table breakfast. Some hot sauce may have helped.

    After that, I figured it made sense to go with TB's strength and try something that overlapped their existing menu. The steak breakfast taco wasn't too different than their regular steak taco, just with the addition of eggs. One of us who had it swore that his taco had refried beans on it, but mine definitely did not. This taco was reasonable successful and did not need additional hot sauce to wake it up. The addition of beans is an interesting idea, though.

    The hash browns don't taste any different from any other chain hash browns. The patty is too thin, though, and has the potential to be overcooked to the point of inedibility. One of the two I tried came very close to that point.

    I was curious about the AM Crunchwarp but I lost interest after I looked at the nutritional data. I don't do fast food breakfasts that often but when I do I don't want to blow most of my day's calories on the one meal. In general I don't care for McDonald's, but they've done a much better job in offering a more or less reasonable breakfast alternative.

    Bottom line - it's okay, but there are tastier fast food breakfast out there, whether or not you care about the nutrition numbers.

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      I did sausage with my breakfast sandwiches but I was curious about the steak. The crunch one had a choice of bacon as well which I might try in the future.
      My friend had an interesting take on the hash browns. He noticed that there was no mildly unpleasant aftertaste like there can be after mcDonald's hash browns. He likes five guys fries but says he has the same problem with the aftertaste. I have noticed this too but never thought about it much.
      My waffle was not soggy but this particular taco bell seemed to be pumped about the breakfast menu and striving for excellence. My advice to fellow hounds is to try this sooner rather than later while the enthusiasm is there. My place was like a chik fil a on turbo, they really seemed to care.

    2. I tried a couple of burritos. They were decent, but McDonalds has better coffee.

      1. Glad to read your reference to Super Taster (James Norton) who I have really come to miss on CH.

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        1. re: Tripeler

          It took me a while to watch his videos because he also writes so well. Maybe after he gets used to being a new dad he will reappear in some form. We can hope.

          1. re: givemecarbs

            He contributes a lot to this local Minneapolis site:


            And was one of the authors of a recently released book called "The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food".

        2. Thanks. I'm going to give it a shot at some point.

          1. mr. alka got crunch wrap with bacon -- it was ok -- sorrt of heavy. didn't warm through when griddled briefly.

            my sausage taco melt (?) (the folded over tortilla with suasage and cheese) was OK for a buck. not much cheese at all, but it was crispy when griddled. the sausage is not as good as mickey d's sausage -- finer, thinner, and perhaps less spiced. i like the fact that at taco bell you can add the salsa verde and the hot sauce. would be hard if doing drive-through.

            we both agreed coffee was good -- more acidic than mickey d's and a little fruitier. pretty good -- but costs 50% more for a smaller cup than the mickster.

            it was ok overall. still prefer the mcdonald's BEC biscuit as #1 breakfast sandwich. 2d. sausage and egg mcmuffin. third, the taco bell thing. i think i'll start trying to add some hot sauce to that mickey d's biscuit. ;-).

            when is KFC gonna do breakfast? now that would rock. (not big fan of chik-fil-a's biscuit with chicken breakfast…-- just not enough crusty chicken skin).

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              cc. 1994-1999 Ft Campbell KY. On Post. There was a combo TBell+KFC. Served breakfast.

              My favourite was the Breakfast Burrito, which has sausage, chopped hash browns, egg, and a white sausage gravy.

              I know there were 2 or 3 other burrito/ wraps, but I never got them!