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Mar 31, 2014 09:34 AM

Making a Rice Crispies Flower Pot

Can anyone suggest how I would cover a flower pot with rice crispie treats. It would just be for show, not to be eaten. I plan to use it to hold rice crispie lollipops Thanks.

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  1. Off the top of my head, I would do it one of two ways.

    The easy way would be to spray the exterior of the flower pot with flat white paint and let dry to cover teh terra cotta color.

    Then I would either use spray adhesive or Elmers or craft white glue to coat the outside of the pot and then roll around in a bag filled with rice crispies, gently.

    For a "full On" treat covering, I would still spray paint exterior of pot flat white, and then make a batch of rice crispy treats as usual, but roll very thin , say 1/4" if possible or somewhere between 1/4" th and 1/2" thick with a rolling pin.

    Then take a pizza cutter or knife and measure and cut length to fit bottom of pot, then length to fit upper lip of pot. Stretch or pull to fit curvature of cone shape as well as making sure to add a bit of width to cover the lip transition. I've reheated treats gently in microwave to make more pliable so that should work here too.

    If you want treat mosaic, then cut into tiny squares and do "tiles" and glue each into place. The smaller the tile, the easier to wrap the contour of pot. Just like doing a bathroom of kitchen backsplash.

    The big challenge is what to use to stick treats to pot exterior.
    Since butter is used in treat recipe, it may make sticking tough.

    Probably hot glue gun will work. Spray glue may work as well. White glue may take time. Rubber or contact cement should be fine too.

    Shouldn't be hard. Just time consuming and dealing with a proper mastic to attach to pot.

    I'll add any ideas I get should I have them.

    1. I don't have anything to add regarding making the pot, but I would encourage you to read this link:

      For your actual treats, this recipe really takes up your normal treat by several notches.