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Mar 31, 2014 09:25 AM

Kids and Prati Restaurants 2014

I'm not a terrible food snob, despite living in San Francisco. But my experience in Rome so far is quite terrible - greasy overcooked green vegetables, molte-al-dente pasta with over-creamy sauces. I lived in Paris for two years, and am well aware of the need to find places off the main street, but despite this, nothing we've found so far has even come close to blowing me away with even sustenance, let alone taste. I found two threads referencing Prati, but they are 4 years old, so if any kind Roman-phile with a knowledge of Prati could point us in the direction of an economical but nice place to eat with our kid this week we'd be grateful (and help save Rome's reputation over Paris and SF). Mille Grazi!

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  1. Where have you had the bad food? Italians don't believe in al dente vegetables and have mastered getting the best out of them by cooking them to an inch of their lives. By comparison, pasta is al dente. Creamy sauces are not normal in Rome, but maybe you mean carbonara and cacio e pepe which appear to be creamy but have actually none. In any case, try Sorpasso (great pasta, charcuterie, trapizzini), Romeo (sandwiches more budget than full meals), Pizzarium (be careful which ones you get, some are very expensive), panificio Bonci (don't miss the pizza bianca with porchetta)...

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      I think the problem is that I can't tell if it's bad food or just the way it's supposed to be! We ate a little better last night at a place called Su & Giu Cucina Romana -- not nearly so crunchy pasta, well cooked radicco risotto and an interesting plain salad of wild asparagus. Previous night we'd eaten at La Fraschetta Romanesca on Via Tacito as well - but the 2 vegetables dishes had been boiled worse than my british mothers and then drowned in oil to make sure they couldn't resurrect. The pasta I had, while kind of tasty was basically ground pink meat (don't ask don't tell), smothered in a salty cream sauce.

    2. I guess I should say around the Piazza Cavour area rather than Prati as a whole.

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        Da Cesare is near Piazza Cavour and has been enjoyed by some chowhounds - L,Arcangelo and Simposio Constantini also maybe more upscale? You are close enough to consider crossing the river for more options.

        Spring salads should be great in Rome - you may want to check out some of the places that have antipasto find vegetables to your liking, like perhaps La Campana which is not TOO far from you, across the river - we had vignarola, the roman spring vegetable soup/stew there once as well as good artichokes and puntarelle.. Ive seen recommendations before of a simple family Roman cuisine place, Lilli.near the lungotevere on the Via Tor di Nona before - you might want to consider.