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bon appétit april édition

Bellachefa Mar 31, 2014 09:15 AM

I never got around to canceling my subscription, when this rag took a major nose dive.

I just perused my latest edition, and I must say, they've come a long way and I look forward to trying out a few things. I think they had a tough transition, but are now on the upswing.

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  1. b
    bitchincook RE: Bellachefa Mar 31, 2014 04:57 PM

    But do they still use that small font that is pretty much impossible to cook from?

    And do the photos still all look like messes at the kids' table?

    I canceled my subscription several years ago, and recently leafed through a recent issue at the library and was not at all impressed.

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    1. re: bitchincook
      sandylc RE: bitchincook Mar 31, 2014 05:09 PM

      Oh yeah, I hate the tiny font and the fuzzy white ink on black backgrounds, etc. It is a chore to read parts of.

    2. s
      sandylc RE: Bellachefa Mar 31, 2014 05:06 PM

      I just got my April edition from the mailbox, so I haven't looked through it yet.

      Regarding its history, back in the Gourmet days I regarded Bon App as an inferior publication. Since the demise of G, BA has gradually improved and now I have a fair amount of respect for what they're doing.

      I still want Gourmet back.

      1. ipsedixit RE: Bellachefa Mar 31, 2014 06:42 PM

        For me, BA is perfect airplane reading.

        Just interesting enough to look and peruse, doesn't require heaving thinking, and always a welcomed "hand-me-down magazine" for the flight attendants.

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        1. re: ipsedixit
          foodieX2 RE: ipsedixit Mar 31, 2014 06:47 PM

          My husband calls it my version of People, lol! I never buy it but he catches me leafing thru it in the grocery store. That said I do usually love their spring ones. Inspiring when you have winters like this one....

        2. Ttrockwood RE: Bellachefa Mar 31, 2014 08:07 PM

          I used to subscribe and then cxld a few years ago. I actually really like their website- lots of content updated often and a great recipe database. Its easier for me since i can just bookmark and file the website recipe and then look it up on my phone when shopping.....

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