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Mar 31, 2014 08:59 AM

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

It's finally spring time to see what's new at Costco. Just purchased a great boneless leg of lamb, still $4.99 per pound. Also saw they are making dark chocolate almond bark, last year I made the mistake of opening the container on the ride home. I was real bad.

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  1. LOL..sometimes being bad is a good thing.

    They don't have that delicious chocolate almond bark anymore..maybe seasonal.
    I ate the whole thing in a matter of a couple of days.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      The bark is hit or miss... they make it at select locations when they feel like it. Stock up when you can.

      If you can keep it around.

    2. Stonefire mini naan. Around 16 to a pack for around 5 bucks- they heat up beautifully in a standard toaster (which is GENIUS). I've bought "regular sized" naan from other places but have always been too lazy to heat up the oven just to warm up some naan, and it never turned out all that great anyways. These are toaster sized and can get nice and close the the toaster heating elements so they get a little crisp on the outside but still fluffy on the inside. Sure it won't be the best naan you've ever had, but it's quite good.

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      1. re: chococat

        Those sound quite handy to have around!

          1. re: pamelak52

            Where in the store? I make pizzas for my grandchildren, and would love these.

        1. Spotted at the Livermore, CA location: 16 pack (8 crepes in 2 separate packages per box) of Belgian Boys crepes replacing the La Creperie crepes they had around Nov/Dec 2013. These are a convenient snack or lunch item for my toddler and are easy frozen and defrosted as needed.
          Can be eaten with savory or sweet fillings. The Belgian boys version is a replica of the La Creperie crepes in terms of size and taste.

          We served the La Creperie ones with sliced peaches, Nutella and vanilla ice cream at our New Years party and they were a hit with adults as well as kids.

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          1. re: acerulz

            I found the Belgian Boys crepes nice, but they are so sweet that I wouldn't use them with savory fillings. The flavors would conflict. After they are frozen, they crumble when you roll them. Would do well if you do not freeze them and use them for sweet crepes.

            1. re: acerulz

              I concur with elise h- waaaay too sweet for me. We still have that second package in our freezer waiting for a dessert I guess to be needed.

            2. I guess this should have been in Q1, but we bought some of the focaccia in late February and by day 2 it was nearly hard as a rock. That may be exaggerating a bit but it was basically only good enough for croutons at that point. Since my Costco requires you to bring back items for refunds, I stuck it in my freezer and have promptly forgotten to bring it back every two weeks since I bought it.

              1. Sampled mrs mays veggie crisps today. Omg, these are delicious. I bought 3 bags because I wanted to have enough for us and houseguests this week. I would've bought more if they weren't priced @ $7+ per bag. These are literally veggies crisped up. Not the same as snappea where peas are mixed with rice powder. Really good snack.

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                1. re: acerulz

                  $7+ for a four oz bag?! Or is the Costco size bigger?