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Mar 31, 2014 08:49 AM

Sticky's Hillsdale

Got takeout on Sat. The place was packed. Called the order in was told 30 minutes . Got there 30 minutes later and waited 30 minutes for the food to be ready. Ordered beef ribs and got sliced beef, which was tough. So were the pork ribs. Asked for no sauce, everything was swimming in it. None of the meats we ordered seem to be cooked enough. The sides were good. They have got a lot of work to do.

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  1. That's tough to hear...

    1. ouch. getting some rough reviews on yelp too. add this to the negative review here regarding the other recent bbq joint opening, Mighty Quinn's in clifton, and I am starting to get pretty bummed. will try both in a few weeks. let them get the kinks out and see whats what, but this is getting depressing...

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        Right, give them time. I stopped by Bobby Q's on Saturday night on my way elsewhere and we had a few appetizers. The Texas Lollipops were cold in the center, the wings were nothing special, but the beer cheese was excellent. I'll be back to try the 'Q in a few months.

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          I hear you yogi70. I gave the review on Mighty Quinn's (if that's the one you are referring to) and I was very disappointed. If it weren't for Fink's, I'd be left with Bailey's and Johnny's for my likes, tastes, etc.

          Now, aside from Fink's, which I think is excellent -- we have Bobby Q's. Fink's is closer to my office and Bobby Q's is closer to my home -- so I am happy about that. LOL. I am a big fan of Fink's.

          1. re: ELA

            Johnny's Smoke House in Pearl River is out of business.

            It was replaced with The Brew House.

            1. re: Bosmer

              Thanks...I realized that the day after I I typed it. Yes, that's true...they kept just a few items...another one bites the dust.

              Pearl River has had a few new places in the recent past.

        2. Sorry to hear...yes, tough. I haven't read any other reviews (as mentioned, on yelp), but there's a difference between working our some bugs and kinks, and putting a poor or bad foot forward. In certain respects, with certain places, restaurants, etc. -- more often with nicer, more upscale places -- you never get to un-ring the bell of a poor opening, poor opening review, etc.

          I don't think that's the case here, but we will soon see.

          I hope they work it out.

          1. The most horrific experience. Never ate. Arrived at 6. Sat at 7:15. After 15 minutes, we were told that they ran out of brisket, French fries and soup. 45 minutes later we still did not get our food with little apology. We then over heard that they ran out of pork ribs. We stormed out. Must admit it was the first time I lost my temper in a restaurant. Explanation. Soft opening. Cannot review the food.