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Mar 31, 2014 08:42 AM

'Sticky rice' problem

I bought a bag of 'glutinous rice' to use in Lo Mai Gai. (Yes I know it's not 'glutinous'). It was delicious and I went through a large bag. The rice on the right of the photo is from that bag. The color and shape is very different from what I bought yesterday.
Yesterday I go buy another bag that says 'Glutinous rice' 'Sweet rice'. The bag and the rice from it is on the left side of the photo. I made some last night and it was HORRIBLE! 'Gooy' not 'sticky. Tastless. Notice how different the two rice samples are.
Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm not an expert on sticky rice, though I love it, but the sweet/ glutinous rice is definitely not what you want to make this sticky rice.

    I believe the sweet rice is used in dessert preparations, such as mango with sticky rice, etc.

    I think this is a common mistake people make when they are looking for sticky rice at the Asian food store.

    How did you find making the sticky rice? Did you wrap it in a banana leaf to steam?

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      Thank you very much for your input.
      Yes the 'sticky rice' I use in Lo Mai Gai using lotus leaves and in 'Glutinous rice bowl' and in 'Chicken and sausage rice bowl' is delicious. Gave away the 'sweet' glutinous rice today. Tomorrow I'll buy the proper 'glutinous' rice.
      We're having 'withdrawal' symptoms!