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Mar 31, 2014 08:05 AM

2nd KA stand mixer, another classic or artisan?

I am a home baker and have been using a classic for 2 years now. I have 3 bowls and extra paddles and beaters for it. I am getting a second mixer as I find I always need two going at once most days. My concern though attachment and bowl compatibility vs the extra power and size.
Does anyone know if I can use my 4.5 qt bowls and beaters with the 5 qt artisan or will I have to buy all new ones if I want additional bowls or beaters other than what is provided? If so, would it make more sense to just get another classic so all of my bowls and attachments already fit?
I find the 4.5 bowl a bit too small when doing fondant and large cake recipes. Other than that its sufficient.
I wish I already had the artisan (which was always my dream mixer anyway) or could just upgrade for a smaller cost somehow, then an additional artisan would be perfect.

Anyone know if the beaters/bowls are interchangeable?
Would you just get a second classic or go for the artisan?
Or, just skip artisan alltogether and get a 600 pro since you already have a smaller one for lighter jobs?
(price not issue in decision for these three models)

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  1. First off, I bought the Artisan series mixer on Amazon and I love it (link below).

    My wife uses it sometimes for baking but we use it primarily for cooking purposes. We have both the pasta and meat grinder attachments and use it weekly.

    From looking at the specs between the Artisan and the Pro models, the Pro looks like a much more robust machine. Power ratings are higher, and the Pro will knead 12 cups of flour where the Artisan will only do 9. The Pro also has steel gears as opposed to plastic in the Artisan I believe.

    If all you do is light work then the Artisan will get you by. However, if cost is not an issue and you already have a small one, then I say why not go for the Pro?

    1. Suggest calling KA's support line & discussing interchangeability with them.

      1. Hi, baked:

        Don't forget your copper bowl...