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Mar 31, 2014 06:38 AM

burgers and kid friendly near please touch museum

taking the family with 6 year old girls to the please touch museum. need good burgers and all the accessories as well as kid friendly to make everyone happy

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  1. What day of the week are you coming? That will effect what people might suggest.

    Realize that the Please Touch museum is in the middle of Fairmount park, and you are going to have to drive from the museum to a restaurant, (though they have a pretty good cafeteria there to be honest.)

    The first place that comes to mind is in the Fairmount Section of the City.. Hickory Lane. Very good burger and a wide choice of things that should appeal to the kids. Here is a review from about two year ago.. the chef has since changed, the burger is as good as ever.

    A bit further afield, there are two locations for shake shack that do decent burgers (one in West Philadelphia on the Drexel Campus, and another in Center City). Burgers, hot dogs, hand cut fries great milk shakes. Simple and good. Definitely good for a child. Given the choice of the two, especially if it were a weekend, I would go to the West Philadelphia branch as it should be easier to park.

    I am sure others will have great suggestions as well. Have fun, and I am sure your 6 year old will enjoy the museum.

    1. I'd recommend Sabrina's Cafe on Callowhill. Excellent sandwiches, and they serve breakfast all day!

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