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Mar 31, 2014 06:33 AM

Cold Soba Noodles

For the past six months I've been frequenting Soba Koh with great regularity. I primarily head to Soba Koh for the cold uni ikura soba noodles. While I'm still really fascinated by the noodles and the cold miso broth, I'm eager to branch out. Is there a better cold soba noodle in the city? I've heard Lau champion Cocoron, is there anything better or is Cocoron the best at this point?

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  1. ive spent most of the winter either at soba koh or soba ya. i think soba ya has the better cold soba noodles with duck broth.

    still havent tried corcoran because im rarely in that area.

    1. i haven't been to Cocoron yet...i imagine it is tasty based on reports, but i prefer a) inaka whole grain soba, and b) traditional varieties -- so i've stayed stick w/ Sobakoh...

      But based on 15 trips to Japan and lots of (usually unsatisfying) soba eating in the US and non-Japan parts Asia, i have to say: Sobakoh is a really doesn't get much better than that outside of Japan (and even in Japan,the overwhelming majority of soba places aren't as good, as most are fast-lunch type places that serve merely-decent soba w/ yummy-but-greasy tempura for salarymen on lunch break...

      1. I go to Soba totto for uni ikura soba because it's close to my work. It's really good but I doubt it's better than Soba Koh but since I haven't been to Soba Koh, I wouldn't know.

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          Really appreciate all of the recs. I've been loyal to Soba Koh for some time now but am pretty curious about what else is out there. As mentioned several times: Soba Koh is criminally underrated. The 5-course prix-fixe is as good a deal as any in the neighborhood.

          1. re: Monica

            I have had soba from the chef/owner at Soba Totto and enjoyed it very much. I have seen him prepare it from scratch and was quite impressed. I haven't been to the restaurant however, because of the long lines.
            I do think Soba Koh is consistently excellent. I go there every few weeks.
            I used to enjoy the Soba at Hanamura An, back in the day.
            I look forward to Daruma-Ya opening in Tribeca. I hope it isn't going to be a ripoff like Jean George's Mesugen was.

          2. Laugh at me if you will, but I like the cold ramen at Totto (summertime only).

            Sure, it's not soba, per se, but if you're looking for a bowl of dry cold noodles, it's not a bad option.

            1. Cocoron is good. It's less typical soba. I was going to say less traditional but whether ingredient or method, it is pretty traditional (or not untraditional). Cocoron is less of the tempura and soba that is more commonly associated with soba shops. But the varieties of broth and toppings are very good.

              Noodles wise, I think Sobakoh is top tier.