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Mar 31, 2014 12:42 AM

Special Dinner in Hong Kong

Hello All,

I'll be in Hong Kong with my girl friend for an anniversary dinner mid April and was looking for recommendations for a good place to celebrate the occasion.

We both like just about any food, and since I'm currently living overseas in the Philiipines, where I've found good food to be scares, wouldn't mind any type of cuisine even western. Looking for a price range between 100-150 USD per person. So far considering Liberty Private Works, but open to any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Anniversary dinner!! Congratulations!!

    I would pick somewhere 'romantic' with great food for this occasion. And since you are in Hong Kong, great Cantonese cuisine with seafood presence is a must try.

    I would reserve a 'window table' ahead of time at say ' Yan Toh Heen ' inside the Intercontinental, ' Above and Beyond ' in the Hotel Icon or ' Man Wah ' on top of the Mandarin Oriental. They all offer great views of the harbor or skyline. Make both of you fall in love again!!!

    The reasonably priced set dinner together with the amazing view is a very good deal!.