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Mar 30, 2014 07:42 PM

Graduation party for 20 in May

Wanting to host a UT grad dinner for our son for about 20 people on May 16. We haven't lived in Austin since we were in school there 30 yrs ago, so we need help! We would love to do something Austin-ish but in a semi private setting I'd possible. We were hoping for around or under $50 per person total with food, drinks, tax, tip.....
HELP! And thank you!

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  1. I went to a nice graduation party (over ten years ago) on the drag, somewhere around 26th. On the west side of the street, and on the second floor. Anyone know that place?

    1. We had a post-graduation ceremony lunch at Moonshine two years ago, when my niece finished her UT undergrad degree. Approximately the same size group, we had a semi-private room in the front of the building, ordered off the menu and got very good service for a large party on a very busy day at the restaurant. They also allowed us to bring in a cake, which my niece's friend insisted that they get from a local bakery.

      1. I really like the private room at Las Palomas.

        1. Hopfield's, La Condesa, Hillside Farmacy, Z Tejas, Kome, Clay Pit, and The Carillon all have private rooms.

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            Take Hillside off the list. The food isn't anything special the service is horrendous. Z Tejas is good, depends on how "special" you want the dinner to be.