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To wash (or not) dishes after being packed and moved?

I packed the dishes using new clean paper and/or bubble wrap... DH thinks everything should go for a spin in the dishwasher. I'm not sure I am being objective as I want the boxes gone and counters cleared. Opinions?

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    1. DH is OCD :) I wrap the same way JUST so I can put them directly into the cabinets. Ask him his rationale...and then debunk it!!! :)

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        Problem is I'm the chemical engineer and can explain there is likely some formaldehyde out gassing from the paper, and release agents, BPA, etc coming off the plastic.

        1. re: firecooked

          Over what period of time, to what extent and is it a true problem. But, god in heaven, if it makes someone skittish then sure, go for it.

      2. I agree with your husband. I would wash them.

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          If the dishes were washed and wrapped a day or two ago, and you've taken them straight to their new home in the back of your car, I would go ahead and use them. If, on the other hand, they were boxed up a few weeks ago and they have traveled by commercial transport, I would wash them. There are all sorts of little critters that might have come in contact with them on their journey, even in a sealed box, especially if they've had a visit to a warehouse or freight depot.

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            Actually, I would just wash them because they'd give me the skeevies. Much like when a family member washes one of my food containers for me to take back home. That trip back home probably will no less encounter every bat guano, dog drool, kid feces, bird drip, and so on.

            Well, I am a bit paranoid. I don't come across any of those issues, but still I will wash it. Ick. :)

          2. Let DH wash the dishes. Meanwhile, pour a glass of wine and see if drinking it out of an unwashed glass kills you. Wine = great way to clear some [mental] counter space.

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              DH is working out of town, and I will spend at least some of this week surfing...

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                Then the solution is clear. Tell him the dishes were washed (and they were, right? before you packed them) and put them in the cabinets. It really is too bad he's not there to supervise.

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                  There ya go. And hopefully he won't die :)

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                    No, no, no. Please no. This kind of lie or trickery is never a good idea. It leads to all kinds of things, from smugness on the part of the trickster to guilt (also trickster). It can also make the tricked feel disgusted, repulsed and/or mistrustful of the trickster. All from a box of dishes!

                    There's nothing wrong with standing your ground and doing it your way, but you have to own the decision. The only explanation to which he's entitled is that you felt the dishes were already clean. That way he's free to disagree and wash them, without help (or comment) from you.

                    Either way, you'll feel good about what you did.

                    1. re: DuffyH

                      I'm not seriously advocating lying per se. Using my packing method, the dishes are certified clean, by me, and do not need to be rewashed.

                      If it were me--and it probably wouldn't be me, because this guy sounds like he has control issues, OCD, or something--I would explain that in his absence, I am the manager in charge, and I am doing things the way I believe they should be done. If he feels strongly enough to wash everything himself, then I would place in the cabinets what I need for my personal use while he is gone, and leave the rest in boxes for him to deal with on his return.

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                        Agreed. It's like when any woman says (and,yeah, it's mostly women) "he won't let me." Or what?

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                          <If it were me--and it probably wouldn't be me, because this guy sounds like he has control issues, OCD, or something>

                          I think that's a bit severe, but whatever. I'm not the only poster who chimed in to support the hubster. I doubt we're all OCD-riddled control freaks.

                          I do agree with what our friend c oliver wrote: "Or what?" Perfectly sensible response.

                2. I'd put them into the dishwasher. I'm not a germaphobe but for some reason it just makes sense.

                  1. Give them the quick wash option and call it good.

                    Last move, I wrapped all of our dishes in wash cloths or dishtowels. Or paper towels, just so I wouldn't have to deal with this question again.

                    1. if you don't wash them they wont kill you and they probably are not "dirty" but for the sake of a fresh start in a new location I would wash them after unpacking. Scientific? no but I am hardly a neatnick and still it would just seem normal to run dishes through a cycle after unpacking

                      1. Were the bubble wrap and clean paper dust-free? I'd wash them, if for no other reason than I don't like dust on my dishes.

                        1. I always feel like I *should* wash them, but I'm lazy, so I don't actually do it. I'm not exactly sure why I feel like I should -- if there was something dangerous leaking in the moving van, that would be obvious in the paper and I know I'd need to wash the dishes -- but I always feel super guilty and like I'm a bad adult when I put things away without washing them.

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                            So I'm giving the dishwasher a workout... Going through the whole exercise of selling a house and cleaning out the cupboards has made me realize that I really do like to have things clean...to the point that maybe of needing medical help. Good to know that washing the dishes is not completely out of line.

                          2. We just moved and washed the dishes, utensils, kitchen tools, etc before using.

                            1. I guess I just live in a "magic house." Cooties just don't stand a chance ;)

                              1. Hi, firecooked:

                                To me, washing is a ritual of moving. At least you *know* your dishes are clean and dust-free when you shelve them the first time.

                                I buy new wine bottles from a major supplier. Even though they come inverted in sealed new cardboard cases (and the whole pallet is shrinkwrapped), they can accumulate dust. Would a little dust drive up my spoilage rate? I'm not going to take the chance.


                                1. We moved last fall (and the fall before that) and didn't wash the dishes before using them. We packed them ourselves, using clean bath towels and t-shirts, in clean boxes.

                                  1. We moved once when I was a kid. Mom washed the dishes before and after packing.

                                    In the hundreds of times I've moved since, I just pack em unpack em and go.

                                    1. I pack my dishes using new acid-free tissue paper, with clean hands, and am very particular about any 'help' I get. When I unwrap them, they go directly into the cabinets. When stored in an open hutch, though, I wash a lot of things before I use them.

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                                        I packed most of mine in clean kitchen towels, or a new roll of paper towels.

                                        Then looked in the cabinets, and use the paper towels to clean the cabinets so my clean dishes could go in (bought the house from an elderly lady. I doubt she could even reach the second shelf, let alone see it to clean it)

                                      2. I pack in new plastic food storage bags. They're clean inside, they seal, and they protect. If you can store food in them, the dishes and glasses must be good, too. Problem solved.

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                                        1. Washing them again is a waste of water and a waste of energy.
                                          That may not matter to you and your spouse, but it would to me and mine.

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                                            And THAT I forgot to mention. Being a multi-decade CA'er, drought is damn near omnipresent. If I let yellow mellow...well you get the picture :)

                                          2. Agree with your DH. Nothing is greater than putting clean dishes into freshly washed cabinet for the first time. Enjoy!

                                            1. I would clean the cupboards, but probably not wash the dishes that *I* packed. But if the movers packed them? I'd wash every. single. one., if only on the "quick wash" cycled of the d/w. Why? Because I've been packed by movers, and none of them washed their hands. Oh, and the dirty laundry (i.e., from the hamper) was packed with clean towels (from the closet). Sigh.

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                                                I'm definitely talking about things I pack since I'm a great packer and too cheap to pay someone to do something that I do better!