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Mar 30, 2014 05:02 PM

Finally got to MB Post

FINALLY made it to MB Post. If I lived closer, it would be hard not to eat there a few times a month. It's already been well discussed, so I'm not saying anything new, but dinner last night kicked ass. The incredible bacon cheddar biscuits, the blue lake green beans with crispy pork and Thai chili sauce, the seared scallops with bacon and pea smashed potatoes and "Elvis" - choco pudding with peanut butter mousse, candied bananas and bacon brittle. Great cocktails as well - in particular, their variation of the dark & stormy. Friendly service as well. We got 2 seats at one of the communal tables at 5:00 - when dinner menu starts - without a res.

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  1. Elvis is one of my wife's favorite desserts; we even had MB Post send one over to Fishing with Dynamite one time when we ate at FwB. Definitely agree that we'd be there more often if we lived closer.

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    1. Following up on my own post, I want to add that the value element was terrific. SO and I split each of the 4 courses, and we each had 1 of their cocktails ($12 or $13 each). We were quite stuffed by the end, and the total tab, including the drinks and tax was $70. And we were using a $75 gift card, so we had $5 left over for the tip before having to dip into my own wallet. And the evening began with late afternoon beers at the upstairs bar at the Strand House - what a great spot to watch the NCAAs. TVs in the foreground, and the ocean in the background. Really don't get mo' bettah than that.

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          ...and i do love those cheddar bacon biscuits.

        2. Agreed. This is one of the few places that gets small plates right. Everything on the menu is terrific!

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            Yes.....those biscuits are truly crave-worthy but otherwise it is hard to single out a dish when everything has been great.