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Mar 30, 2014 02:20 PM

Source for large format wine

Looking to bring a Jeroboam to Delmonico for a bach party. Two questions -

Where can i buy one?
Is this crass?

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  1. Contact Total Wines & Liquors.....

    1. Contact the restaurant regarding their corkage policy.

      1. The more important when dealing with a steakhouse in this town....first, make certain that you have the bottle that you want....then check out the resto....

        1. Delmonico has no bottle limit and $25 corkage fee. Of course, I'll call and see if this applies to a large bottle.

          Thanks for the rec VG.

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          1. re: Beachowolfe

            Our group once took 3 magnums and they were fine with that. I can't remember what we paid in corkage and always call to avoid any misunderstandings. Often I will e-mail them and when the reply to the affirmative I print it out and take it to the restaurant-just in case.

          2. I have over the years brought many (sadly years and bottles) to Vegas. Although I am not a fan of Delmonico I am a fan of their corkage policy and their professionalism regarding such. Many restaurants have the policy but do not treat you with the same service as if you were buying from the restaurant. Delmonico is one of a VERY few where I actually felt comfortable. Be prepared to pay corkage that is incremental to $25 of a 750ml. If you still need help finding large formats gimme a shout. I'd be happy to point you in right direction and even have 25-30 of my own. Depending on age and producer you should also consider shipping to the restaurant ahead of time as travel can dumb down a wine for a period of time.